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João Baião was touched when an 85-year-old man realized a new dream: "I'm very happy..."

João Baião was touched when an 85-year-old man realized a new dream: “I’m very happy…”

Last Wednesday, October 13, João Baião, live on “Casa Feliz”, made Gonzalo’s dream come true. The 10-year-old boy had a desire to meet the presenter and ended up making it a reality.

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Well, this Friday (15) the moment happened again. Diana Chaves and Joao Baiao were greeted by the presence of Sandrina Queiroz, a social and cultural animator, who brought an 85-year-old man to the program Joao Ferreira, who dreamed of coming to television, and specifically, interviewing the SIC presenter:

“I’m very happy”The guest started crying when he saw Joao Baiao and Diana Chavez.

“This for me is a dream to be with you”

The guest ended up telling him a little about his life and sharing how happy he was with the surprise, leaving the presenter very touched: “I am very happy to see you because I have always loved you, with your work, it is extraordinary (…) I am happy to be in a house like this, this is a dream”He started by saying.

He added: “Personally I admire you (…) It’s good to work and win in life, isn’t it? Everything is good (…) You look like a machine, but you have to be, it’s life, when life smiles at us, work is more fun No one can be stopped.”Completely happily completed.

In the end, after I heard from Joao Ferreira that it is so “Master of TV”Joao Baiao was grateful: “I enjoyed meeting you very much, Mr. Joao (…)”.

look now.

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