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João Catari talks about cancer, how he told his daughter and supported Joana

João Catari talks about cancer, how he told his daughter and supported Joana

CAwo Katari has been keeping a low profile and has now spoken out, for the first time, about the problem that has kept him absent. the actor He has been battling cancer in recent monthsThis is the topic that was the highlight of the conversation he had with Daniel Oliveira. Health problem “solved”.

The artist said that he always did everything to avoid knowing what was going on so as not to worry “anyone.” “Because I felt like this was something that was going to change,” he explained after he was able to overcome it.

However, the “fake” news started spreading causing him to respond publicly and leaving him “exposed”.

Joao Catari expressed his regret for what happened to him Privacy has been 'violated' He also highlighted all the messages of support he received. In fact, he says, It was “impossible” for him to respond to so many messages and he took the opportunity to “thank you”.

When Daniel Oliveira asked him about the situation he went through, he said: “I do not believe in injustice, it happened because it had to happen. I faced a rather serious health situation, due to tumors. This fear always appears. [Mas] This fear was quickly replaced by determination. Let's deal with this. There is a change in our minds, at least that is what happened to me and I think it was so persistent that the fear lasted for a short time.”.

He received the diagnosis in June last year. Joana Paes de Brito's support was 'essential'

Head, motivation is everything. […] He added: “There are medical and clinical solutions, but if our minds are not prepared or not available, the medicine also does not have the right effect. A big part of the decision was faith, in the mind, in inner strength.” And he mentioned.

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Joao Catari received the diagnosis in June last year, after “feeling a little unwell”. The news was delivered to him personally and he was with his partner Joana Paes de Brito at the time..

The actor also stressed that his girlfriend's “help” was “essential” in this process, having mentioned that Joana Paes de Brito also suffered through this whole situation, as did many people close to her..

The daughter thought her father was “taking some vitamins and running some tests.”

“It's hard not to think about something else, and that doesn't mean you always have to think about it. I always did my best to divert attention from that, so I didn't put a lot of pressure on what I was doing,” he shares. “When the mind enters into this process of solving, until it is absolutely sure, there is a lot of doubt. But from the moment absolute certainty triumphs, doubt disappears 100%.“He said further.

Joao Catari underwent treatment and underwent periods of isolation. The actor was always with his girlfriend, but he faced other realities that left him sad. This is because there are many people who went through the same situation as him and were alone because they were away from their families. “It's sad to know there are people in this situation.”He vented to himself, after feeling like a “lucky” person.

As a result of a previous relationship with Sandra Santos, João Catari, the girl's father, Francisca, explained that his daughter believed that her father was “only taking vitamins and doing some tests.”

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He still talks about little Francisca, eight years old, and stressed that it is a “unique love.” “It is the great love of my life. The love I feel cannot be measured.”confirmed.

The mother died in early 2022

The diagnosis came “shortly after” the loss of his motherWho died in January 2022, as he also mentioned in a conversation with Daniel Oliveira. But even though he is not physically present, he says:My mother was one of the people who was also present in this whole process.”.

“She is always there. In other ways, she gained her strength and energy, but it wasn't just in this situation. When I had to make a decision, I would talk to her too,” he said.

Cancer control is outdated

After months of struggle, the health problem was solved. “I was happy, Joanna was happy, and we started celebrating by screaming.”He recalled the moment he received the news of his victory. “It was a breath of fresh air, a weight lifted, a feeling of mission accomplished.”I confess.

He also shared during the interview: “You don't lose the fear of death. I think everyone has a fear of death and no one wants that, but we don't give that much weight because we also attract many things. Our thoughts, if we're always thinking about that fear, maybe it arrives and we don't want it.” To arrive. If we don't think about it, it stays away.”.

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