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Joao Mario reveals the reason for his resignation from choosing Portugal

Joao Mario reveals the reason for his resignation from choosing Portugal

This Saturday, Joao Mario directed his resignation from Portugal’s selection. The Benfica player, at the age of thirty, decided to inform federation officials that he was not available to continue representing Quinas teams.

“The physical issue was also heavy. I wanted to dedicate myself more and more to the club, where I feel more and more appreciated. Then there were less positive situations this year at the national team level, especially in the last training period, in which I reached the pinnacle of my career, the achievement, as I was the top scorer of the tournament with the utmost confidence in me. Portugal has such a strong national team that obviously all the coaches have all the options, and given my competition in the national team, it was really strong, and at that time I think you have to be honest with yourself,” he began by saying.

In a press conference, Roberto Martínez confirmed that he did not believe Joao Mario’s resignation was related to training in March. However, in an interview with A Bola newspaper, Joao Mario confirmed that this was his breaking point.

“When you are at the peak of your career, you go to the Portuguese national team that plays Liechtenstein, and you play for a minute…a new stage. If, at the peak of your career, you can do no more, be humble and admit it, ”concluded the midfielder.

Joao Mario entered the 89th minute of Portugal and Liechtenstein (4-0), on March 23, and an unused substitute in Luxembourg and Portugal, three days later.