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Joao Moutinho: “The match was defined in the details.”

Joao Moutinho: “The match was defined in the details.”

The Braga midfielder also commented on the fact that he reached a thousand matches in his career

Joao Moutinho has analyzed the 3-2 defeat to Benfica in Luz, which knocked Braga out of the Portuguese Cup.

Arthur Cabral deals with the logic and Benfica advances in the cup

Great match in Luz, where Benfica beat Braga 3-2, with very nice goals from both sides. Eagles forward, the people of Minho say goodbye to injustice with taste

“I think we started the game well. We scored early, we succeeded and did not leave any chances for Benfica. In transition they equalized and then within minutes they turned the score around. We made an excellent response. We equalized and were in the lead of the game. Benfica was efficient and managed We managed to achieve that and we did not. We left sad. We wanted to win to continue in the Portuguese Cup. Now we have a difficult match on Sunday [frente ao FC Porto]», he began his speech to the Sport TV channel.

The midfielder says the match was decided in detail.

“With high-quality teams, like Benfica and Braga, it's all about the details. I think this game was a little like that. The game is defined in detail. “We have to look to continue playing the same way and winning, which is the most important thing,” he said.

SC Braga will now face FC Porto: “SC Braga always plays to win. We came here with an idea, which was to try to dominate and win. I think we played an excellent match. In our minds is to continue working. “The results did not keep up with the performance.”

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The Portuguese international has reached 1,000 matches in his career: “It is a special achievement. Not many people reach this mark. Fortunately, I did not suffer any injuries. The most important thing is to highlight what we did on the pitch. We didn't win, but we should be congratulated. We will do the same in the next matches and we will be 200 percent ready to win.