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Joao Neves admits: “I still don't see football as a career” – Benfica

Joao Neves admits: “I still don't see football as a career” – Benfica

Benfica midfielder in a relaxed conversation with Kika Nazareth

• Photo: Luis Manuel Neves

Joao Neves and Kika Nazareth sat side by side having a relaxed chat on the TV channel Passion for football. Among the revelations of the two Benfica players, the midfielder said, for example, that he still does not see “football as a profession.”

In the interview, which took place on the eve of the Salzburg-Benfica match (played on 12 December) but has only just been released, the midfielder said: “At first it was just something else. hobbyI did it for taste. Then, over time, I started to develop my passion. I still don't see football as a career and I think it's still good. “It was only now, 3 or 4 years ago, that I realized this was serious.”

The number 87 shirt has proven to be a key piece for Roger Schmidt and is already amassing a string of moments that he will later remember. Among them is the first goal of the main team, which allowed the Eagles to draw (2-2) against Sporting. “It was a mixture of emotions, and it was interesting against the opposition. But because it was an equalizer and we still wanted to win, there wasn't much time to celebrate. I think it was just that moment when I saw the ball go in.” He scored a goal, made two or three screams and then went back to celebrating.”

Neves also spoke again about his short stature. “I don't have much to complain about about my height. I never stopped playing. Despite being shorter, I think I've always managed to balance my intelligence with my body. I think that's a strength of my game,” he noted.

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The women's team champion is only now beginning to “realize” what she has already achieved. “I have no dreams. I realize that later, like playing in the World Cup. Before that everything was just a dream.” hobbyVery fun and sporty. “And now we're starting to realize that it's all real.”

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