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Joao Neves after his first appearance with the national team: “I dreamed of this moment” – Euro 2024

Joao Neves after his first appearance with the national team: “I dreamed of this moment” – Euro 2024

The midfielder participated in the second half of the match, which ended in Portugal’s 5-0 victory over Bosnia

Joao Neves made his debut on Monday with the national team, participating in the second half of the match between Bosnia and Portugal (0-5). On Sport TV, the young midfielder, who is just 19 years old, admitted it was a “dream” and said he would work to be among those called up for the final stage of Euro 2024.

Will the premiere happen sooner than planned?

“Yes, these things happen naturally. It depends on my work, how I focus in training and in the club, and when I have the opportunity, they will always give my best.”

Is this what you imagined?

“I always dreamed of making my debut with the first team. I didn’t know if it would be with these players or with others, but I dreamed of this moment and I made the most of it.”

What assurance does Martinez’s praise offer you?

“It gives me the guarantee that I will work, do my best, if he recognizes my quality and the way I am, I just have to keep showing it.”

Are you planning to be at the European Championships?

“It depends on me and the way I work, and it is up to whoever chooses the players.”

Joao Neves on RTP3

How did you feel in your first appearance with the national team?

“It was a very special night, and above all I would like to thank the team for the way they welcomed me from the first day of training. It is something that will leave a lasting impression on my career and will remain memorable.”

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It only took about ten minutes, but how did you feel up there among all those stars?

“It was great to play with great, high-quality players. This makes it easier to play with high-quality players.”

The team’s eighth victory is another historic result. Are there a lot of emotions?

“They really are. I’m very happy. I hope this is the first of many and now it’s time to continue working at the club to continue getting a place in the national team.”

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