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Joao Neves was the second best under-23 player in Europe

Joao Neves was the second best under-23 player in Europe

The Football Observatory (CIES) has put together a list of the 100 footballers under the age of 23 who have gained the most value in the last six months. The organization indicates that the value of the Benfica player's pass amounted to 73 million euros.

Joao Neves' performance with Benfica in the current sporting season has led to an increase of $73 million in the value of his passes, according to a survey conducted by the Football Observatory (CIES) over the past six months.

The increase in value since October places him second among the under-23 players whose value has risen by the most since October, bettered only by Lamine Yamal, a Barcelona youth footballer who is just 16 years old. It should be noted that Neves became international with Portugal in the period under review, on 16 October.

A total of 459 players were included in the analysis, and CIES published a list of the 100 most valuable players. At stake are athletes representing 55 clubs from a total of 12 leagues.

From the “Eagles” club, Ukrainian Anatoly Trubin (22 years old) also enters the list, whose value increased by 43 million euros, reaching 76 million in the period under review. The Portuguese championship is represented not only by Benfica, but also by Sporting and FC Porto.

There are two other Portuguese on the “Top 100” list. The first of them is Francisco Conceição (21 years old), a FC Porto player whose certain value increased by 28 million euros, reaching 43 million. Next is Thiago Santos (21), a Lille player worth 17 million, with a total of 27 million euros.

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It is also possible to find from FC Porto Otavio Atayde, whose value has increased by 13 million euros since October and reached 19 million. Sporting appears on the list as Ousmane Diomande (20 years old), whose wealth is 33 million euros more than it was six months ago, and now his wealth amounts to 73 million euros.