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Joao Pessoa and Campina Grande organize "Victory Day" for vaccination against measles, influenza and Covid-19, this Saturday (4) |  Paraiba

Joao Pessoa and Campina Grande organize “Victory Day” for vaccination against measles, influenza and Covid-19, this Saturday (4) | Paraiba

cities Joao Pessoa And the Campina Grande – “D-Day” for vaccination against measles, influenza and Covid-19 on Saturday (4). In the two cities, there are more than 140 places for immunization, which will be available to all audiences. The brochure of vaccinations for adults and children will also be updated. (See locations and times below).

in Joao PessoaIn addition to the Family Health Units (USF), the municipality’s immunization center and polyclinics will also be operated; Gas stations in Mangabeira Shopping and Parque Solon de Lucena (Lagoa) – where the drive starts at 8 am.

pre-existing Campina GrandeThere will be more than 40 vaccination sites spread across the city, including the central gallery and fusion station.

See “D-Day” vaccination locations and times at Joao Pessoa

On this ‘D-Day’, in addition to the measles and flu prevention campaigns, the vaccine that prevents Covid-19 will also be offered, immunizing all audiences from the age of five. For everyone, there is no need for scheduling.

The campaign will serve children ages 5-11 and first doses will also be available to the 12+ audience, as well as second doses of Coronavac (28 days after the first dose), Pfizer (60 days), Astrazeneca (90 days) and Janssen.

People over 12 years of age (120 days after the second dose), those who are immunosuppressed (28 days), and health care workers (120 days) can take the booster dose.

The measles vaccination is for health workers and children aged 6 months to less than 5 years. The only way to prevent measles is through vaccination.

The influenza vaccine is available for the following groups:

People aged 60 years and over, children aged 6 months to 5 years (4 years, 11 months and 29 days), pregnant women, postpartum women (up to 45 days after childbirth), health workers, school teachers Public and private, indigenous peoples and groups with chronic non-communicable diseases and other special clinical conditions.

In addition, the population deprived of liberty, adolescents and young people in social and educational measures, employees of the system of deprivation of liberty, people with permanent disabilities, truck drivers, public transport, road and port workers, employees of the prison system and also professionals can vaccinations – security and rescue forces (police, firefighters and active elements of the forces armed).

All vaccine rooms in the metropolitan municipal network continue to receive people who are part of the priority group and who have not yet taken doses of vaccines that immunize against Covid-19 and influenza.

The services also update the vaccination card for children, adolescents and adults.

  • Opening: Solon de Lucena Park (Lagoa) – from 8 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon;
  • Municipal Immunization Center (CMI), Tower – from 8 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon;
  • Family Health Units (USF), 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., except for USF Ipês, USF Alto I (Health District IV) and USF Timbó II (Health District V);
  • Municipal health clinics from 8 am to 12 pm.
  • Parking in Mangabeira Shopping Center (for pedestrians and flying by car), from 8 am to 4 pm;
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See “D-Day” vaccination locations and times at Campina Grande

The procedures are carried out mainly in the morning, from 8 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon. In the afternoon, from 2 pm to 6 pm, the vaccination point will be maintained at the consolidation station to allow access to the vaccination also for those not available for the morning shift.

The campaign targets health professionals, with the aim of updating the vaccination schedule for those who did not receive the two doses in the appropriate period in childhood, as well as for children from the age of six months to less than five years. For them, two doses are applied within 30 days or an additional dose for those who have already completed this regimen.

The vaccine is offered to people of priority groups, namely children from six months to less than five years old, the elderly, health and education personnel, security force specialists, residents deprived of liberty, airport workers, people with disabilities, and people with disabilities. Comorbidities, truck drivers, workers in public transportation systems, pregnant and postpartum women, indigenous people and quilombolas.

The campaign includes the first and second doses for children from 5 to 11 years old; First, second, and booster doses for adolescents and adults, and first, second, and fourth booster doses for the elderly and immunocompromised.

  • Esac – Katoli
  • UPS Wesley Targino – Nova Brasilia
  • UPS Plinio Lemos – Jose Pinheiro
  • Central Gallery
  • Francisco Pinto Health Center – Center 6. Eastern District Dispensary
  • UBS Eduardo Ramos – Centenary
  • UPS Adriana Bezerra – Santa Rosa
  • UPS Hindenburg Nunes – Ramadinha
  • UPS Bodokungu – Bodokungu
  • UPS Bella Vista – Bella Vista
  • Palmyra Health Center
  • UPS Rosa Mystica – Alto Branco
  • Katoli Health Center – Katuli
  • UPS Galant – Galant
  • UBS Antônio Virgílio Brasileiro – Aluísio Campos
  • UBS Drum I – Drum
  • UBS Drum II – Drum
  • UPS Romualdo Preto – Jardim Polistano
  • UBS Estação Velha – Estação Velha
  • UBS Sandra Cavalcante – Sandra Cavalcante
  • UBS Benjamin B. da Silva – Catingueira
  • UBS Maria de Lourdes Leoncio – Novo Cruzeiro
  • UBS Cidades I – Cities District
  • UBS Cidades II – Cities Region
  • UBS Catolé de Zé Ferreira – Catolé de Zé Ferreira
  • UPS Novo Horizonte – Novo Horizonte
  • UPS Malvinas IV – Falklands
  • Malvinas Medical Complex – Malvinas
  • UPS I’m Amelia Villar Cantales – Rocha Cavalcante
  • UBS Portal Sudoeste – Portal Sudoeste
  • UPS Jardim Verde – Jardim Verde
  • Sao Jose da Mata Health Center
  • UBS Hummingbird – Sao Jose da Mata
  • UBS Odete Leandro – UEPB
  • moterao – moterao
  • UBS Campos Sales – Jose Pinheiro
  • UBS Ronaldo Cunha Lima – Three Sisters
  • UBS Raiff Ramalho – Rosa Cruz
  • UPS GrandeCampina – GrandeCampina
  • UBS Chrysostomo Lucina – Aloysio Campos
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  • Integration Station – Center

Joao Pessoa and Campina Grande hold the D-Day of vaccination against Covid-19, influenza and measles on Saturday (4) – Photo: Ascom / Disclosure

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