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João Quadros walks away from Bruno de Carvalho's roasting and leaves some slivers: 'They don't need innovation' - Nacional

João Quadros walks away from Bruno de Carvalho’s roasting and leaves some slivers: ‘They don’t need innovation’ – Nacional

Joao Cuadros It won’t be part of Bruno de Carvalho’s ‘roast’ anymoreScheduled to take place on the 4th of October at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon. This was announced by Fernando Rocha, who will be the presenter, both in the capital and on the fifth, at the Super Book Arena, in Porto. Diogo Piçarra will replace comedian, as well as commentator and football commentator, Diogo da Silva, better known as Movemind.

“For personal and family reasons, João Quadros will not be able to make Roast work for Bruno de Carvalho. We went to the barbecue market and brought Diogo Besaraa professional at melting hearts with his music, now goes to embers to burn and burn and a new generation grill brings fire max, Movemind,” the statement reads.

On Twitter, João Quadros made his own clarification: Good morning, short and quick tweet, I am and will always be a very good friend of Bruno de Carvalho. The reason or reasons why I decided not to take part in Campo Pequeno is a royal thing and they have been explained in a timely manner and whose explanations I “have” do. They do not need to invent it because I I want more than ****”Emphasized by the screenwriter, who added: “The call was two months ago. Circumstances have changed. I do not owe anyone great explanations, nor do I intend to. I have already given it in my time and to whom I thought I should.”

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