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Joe Biden (81 years old) won the state of South Carolina

Joe Biden (81 years old) won the state of South Carolina

CHARLESTON (VG) President Joe Biden has won his first Democratic primary. His 81-year-old is not intimidated by supporters.


On Saturday, the primary elections will be held in South Carolina, as the first state in the United States to elect the Democratic Party.

President Joe Biden won by a clear margin, and at 01.30 Norwegian time, US media outlets such as AP and NBC had already declared him the winner.

-Then the job is done! That's why we vote first, because we're able to nominate the Democratic nominee, says Sam Skardon, leader of the Charleston Democratic Party, to VG Election Watch.

Happy cheers erupted among local Democrats when the numbers appeared on CNN: 97.3 percent had voted for Biden, who was thus declared the winner of the first Democratic primary across the channel.

But in the presidential election, Republicans are likely to win South Carolina.

So why did Biden prevail in the first Democratic primary in South Carolina?

Maybe because he lost in Iowa and New Hampshire last time, but officially because South Carolina's population more closely reflects that of the United States.

(The Republican Party is still getting started in Iowa and New Hampshire.)

Experts say Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will use the primaries here to show Black voters across the United States that they take them seriously.

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– As I said four years ago, this campaign is for everyone who is broken, left behind, and left behind. The same is true today. With more than 14 million new jobs created and a more than two-year record unemployment record of less than 4%, including lower unemployment among Black Americans, we will leave no one behind, the president said in a statement after winning the election on Sunday evening.

Sam Skardon says he thinks South Carolina being a top state means a lot to voters.

The diversity in our party here reflects the diversity in the United States. He adds, “By the way, we are trying to reverse the fact that we did not win the state in the last presidential elections.”

The optimist: Sam Skardon, Democratic Party leader in Charleston.

– What about Joe Biden's advanced age? I met him recently, what do you think?

-I think it's simply not true that he's old. Biden has accomplished more in his first term as president than the vast majority of previous presidents. He's running for office on the basis that he built infrastructure, defeated the pandemic, worked to mitigate the climate crisis, made hospitals and kindergartens cheaper, and eliminated student loans. No matter the age, it will be a great effort.

– But opinion polls show that Many voters believe Biden is extremely weak physically and mentally To lead the country for a new four-year term. Doesn't that worry you?

– No, because all current presidents are a little late when starting the election campaign. Biden's popularity will increase until the elections. Trump, who is roughly the same age, doesn't have anywhere near the same results, the party chairman says.

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(Note: Trump is 77 years old, four years younger than Biden.)

Diversity: South Carolina will hold its Democratic primary on Saturday.

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So, what do voters think?

Turnout was relatively low during the primaries, but everyone we met voted for Biden. They did not emphasize that he was old.

– I think his age does not matter much, because Trump is old in the end. “So I'm more interested in issues like the fight to restore women's right to abortion, and the introduction of strict gun laws,” says Annie Grotovorst (31).

– I fear the election campaign between Trump and Biden, I must say that. It can get ugly, she adds.

Biden voter: Annie Grotoforst.

The 31-year-old is the youngest of all those who attended and voted during the hour and a half that VG spent at one of the polling stations.

“It is disappointing that young voters in particular take our rights for granted,” Grotoforst says.

Jill Thomas, 68, thinks the same thing.

– I am very disappointed that so few people use the right to vote, a right that many people do not have in other countries. As a Democratic voter, I can only hope Biden beats Trump.

Hope: Gail Thomas.

– But isn't Biden too old to become president? No doubt it looks a bit old?

– Because he has arthritis and he always stutters. But he is clear-headed and has the experience, wisdom and compassion to lead us.

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Larissa Bortz, 52, wants both parties to bring in a whole generation of young politicians. But it's a process.

– Both Biden and Trump are fairly old. But for me, age is not the deciding factor. She says Biden is the right candidate.

Rapporteur: Larissa Bortz.

Austin Lucas (38 years old) believes that Biden is able to shift the opinion polls towards the elections.

“When you actually vote, I think many voters are hesitant to choose an extremist leader like Trump,” Lucas says.

– What about Omar Biden?

– Well, Trump is old too, and he recently made a fuss mixing up Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley. I think you have to look at what Biden has achieved, not his age.

I think it's turned around: Austin Lucas.

Dunston Gibbs (76) is the oldest person VG spoke to, and only one candidate came forward.

Trump is just an inflated boastful pope. I wouldn't vote for him for all the money in the world. He has never done anything good for me, and Biden keeps his promises.

Ready Speech: Dunston Gibbs.

-But is he too old to lead the country?

– no. no. I'll tell you what I think of Biden. He's a good boss. that's what I mean!