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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: - “Races” behind the scenes:

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: – “Races” behind the scenes:

Before that, experts thought so Came to be a glimpse and sought after Part of President Joe Biden’s government. Nearly ten months after Kamala Harris, 57, was sworn in as America’s first female vice president, the outcome has been quite different.

Now the camp surrounding the VP will be ‘furious’ because Harris has very few chances to shine on his own and too many unpopular situations on his lap, CNN . writes.

It’s the smell of a regional battle and staff are unhappy with it, says US expert Anders Romarheim, associate professor in the Department of Defense Studies (IFS), part of the Norwegian Defense College (FHS).

And American expert Hilmar McGildy, a researcher at the Noritz Research Institute, goes further.

– This seems to be a really difficult situation as Harris didn’t find himself comfortable on the job. I’m not sure who the 2024 Democratic presidential and vice presidential candidates will be named, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, he says.

zzz: During the UN climate summit COP26 in Glasgow, it may seem as if President Joe Biden was struggling to keep his eyes open. Video: The Washington Post
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– You should receive it gently

CNN He interviewed more than 30 former and current Harris advisors, administrative officials, senior Democrats, donors, and other advisors.

Together, they paint a dissonant picture of the inner life of the White House and reveal alleged differences in the relationship between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Harris herself will also be frustrated by what she sees as a plethora of political limitations, and the staff around her will be anxious about what this will mean for the vice president’s political future.

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– is a form of naive gossip about leaked quotes. Harris may not understand what she agreed to, and she and the staff may wonder how great the job is, and what makes her shine. They couldn’t figure it out, and it’s not certain that will happen either, says IFS researcher Rumarheim of the leaked information.

Mjelde and Romarheim point out that vice president duties can be ungrateful at times, but that’s a consistent part of the job.

– The vice president has a fixed set of tasks: adviser, diplomat, deputy. The vice president has no independence. If the president wants to pass on unpopular political tasks to her, says Migildy, she should accept them graciously.

Provides: The new cover of Vogue with Kamala Harris on the cover gets more people engaged.

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two theories

But when Biden chose Harris as her running mate, she was also crowned the natural successor to the Democratic Party’s political throne.

Shouldn’t Biden and the Democrats have an interest in playing their part well?

Although Biden is an exceptionally experienced politician, he is not an experienced leader. He did not delegate much in his political career. Now he has one of the most demanding jobs in the world, which puts gray hair in the ice for those who did not have it before. So, perhaps one could, with a reservation, interpret this to mean that Biden is not handling the job well, Romarheim answers.

Another possible explanation is that Harris simply does not have enough political flair to find a winning recipe, Rumarheim believes.

It’s politically lightweight, at least when compared to Joe Biden and Dick Cheney (George W. Bush’s vice president, magazines), says the IFS researcher, adding:

– I was clear that she was the right choice … for the elections, but she hardly controlled any major political thing in her whole life. She was a senator recently when she got the vice president job, after all.

Norse researcher Milady agrees, and thinks she falls short, compared, for example, to Pete Buttigieg, the US Secretary of Transportation.

Kamala Harris takes most of the blame herself. I failed as a presidential candidate. This says something. She simply does not have Pete Buttigieg’s political talent. Just look at what Buttigieg can do in his job as transportation minister. Who knew the name of the US Secretary of Transportation?

critic: President Joe Biden has come under fire after examining the watch during a ceremony for the deaths of 13 US soldiers in Kabul. Reporter: Jonas Gaard Steen Andersen
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Tribal war training

McGildy and Romerheim point out that the dynamics between Harris and Biden differ from the dynamics between president and vice president in recent American history.

Throughout the 2000s, the vice president has been more experienced than the president. Now this is not true anymore. Now the vice president is the youngest that used to be historic, says Romarheim.

At Dick Cheney, George W. Bush got a vice president in Washington, and the communications that followed. The same goes for Barack Obama in Joe Biden and Donald Trump in Mike Pence.

Kamala Harris’ problem is that Biden is much more experienced than her. He doesn’t need her advice as much as George W. Bush needed Dick Cheney, Barack Obama needed Joe Biden, and Donald Trump needed Mike Pence, Magildy says.

Cheney and Biden in particular were members of Congress at a time in American history when the political climate was more moderate than it is today.

– What Biden offered Obama were contacts in the Republican Party from the last century, when they actually worked through politics. Being in the Senate from 2017 to 2020, as was the case with Harris, is just an exercise in tribal warfare. I don’t think Kamala Harris has such a position in Congress that it could make her a driving force, says Romarheim.

Installation ceremony: Several cameras were on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 20. This guy attracts a lot of attention. Reporter: Agusta Magnusdottir. Video: AP
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Surprise the expert

The IFS researcher was among those who expected Harris to be a more visible part of the Biden administration.

– Harris’s role is more withdrawn I was thinking and more withdrawn than he would have been, because Biden no longer appears to be the energetic and dynamic type, says Romarheim, adding:

Biden should have succeeded in using it as a positive force in his administration.

It was a positive force that Romarheim assumed Harris would form when he was He mentioned the following to Dagbladet earlier this year:

I seldom think that the Vice President’s visit has ceased as it is now.

WOOPS: Here, things go wrong for US President Joe Biden as he departs for Atlanta.
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The unpopular Harris

That was not the case in France last week, when Harris visited Paris and met President Emmanuel Macron, while the White House was in the final race in negotiations with Congress over Biden’s giant infrastructure package.

He stated that the visit “passed unnoticed.” Politico.

It was politically deafening for Harris to spend five days in Paris, when anything was possible in the United States. Norce researcher Mjelde says it underscores the impression that she is somewhat irrelevant and not very politically intelligent.

Cum now more unpopular Of his three predecessors, Mike Pence, Joe Biden and Dick Cheney were all at the same time in their periods.

– When she was less popular than Dick Cheney, that was cool. Megildy says he was one of the most despised politicians in the United States.

It still isn’t alternative Indicates a Harris error.

– Likewise, people’s opinions about the president are conveyed to the vice president. The researcher says she is therefore affected by Biden’s unpopularity.