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Joe Biden, Eric Luke |  Biden is 81 years old: – He has absolutely nothing to do in the White House

Joe Biden, Eric Luke | Biden is 81 years old: – He has absolutely nothing to do in the White House

US President Joe Biden will turn 81 on Monday, November 20. He is the oldest American president ever. If Biden is re-elected next year, he will be 86 years old at the end of his second term.

– I don’t think he’s in good shape. Shows several measurements. A New York Times poll conducted a few weeks ago shows that he is behind Donald Trump in important swing states. So one could problematize what these numbers show, but there are still many polls among Democrats that show they think Biden is much too old, and that is worrying, US expert and Civita advisor Eric Luke tells Netafsen.

Løkke wrote the following in a comment on Facebook:

“Today Joe Biden turns 81. It’s generally nice to have a birthday, but when you’re 80 and you’re president of the United States, it’s unlikely that Biden or the White House will celebrate in a big way.”

President Biden is low to the ground and trying to dampen interest surrounding his 81st birthday.

– When you’re 81 years old and an American president, making too much attention around your birthday is a very bad idea. That’s because it resonates so poorly with voters, and because when you’re 81, you have absolutely no right to be in the White House. “It’s worrying that he doesn’t realize it himself,” says Lucke.

Locke believes that this miscalculation could be disastrous for American democracy.

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Jokes with their age

Biden constantly tries to joke about his advanced age in the public sphere.

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“I know I’m 198 years old,” Biden joked this summer.

“I’ve never been more optimistic in my 800 years of service,” Biden said this fall.

Locke thinks jokes about Biden’s age don’t work.

– No, they do not do that, unlike Ronald Reagan, who proposed this idea in 1984 The best one-liner in the history of American presidential debatesHe says.

Locke refers to the presidential debate between Republican Reagan and Democrat Walter Mondale in 1984. Reagan was then asked if he was too old to be president. Reagan, who was 73 years old at the time, quickly and jokingly replied:

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“I will not make age an issue during this campaign. I do not intend to exploit my opponent’s youth and inexperience for political gain.”

– Reagan managed to disarm the entire age problem. Many believe that Walter Mondale lost elections every now and then. But Biden is much older now than Reagan was then, Locke says.

Newsom on the field

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has clearly tried to set himself up for a future presidency. The governor has been prominent recently in visits to China and in national television ads.

Locke says Newsom may be positioning himself to be ready in case Biden is suddenly affected by health issues.

– I don’t think Newsom has presidential ambitions in 2024, but he can envision himself for 2028. He learned that Biden is 81 and will be put in office if something happens. Then I think about something health-related — if Biden had a heart attack or if his health deteriorated significantly. Many will then point to Vice President Kamala Harris. “But I don’t think she’s going to go ahead without a fight,” Luke says.

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