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Joe Biden - Take a break from the podium

Joe Biden – Take a break from the podium

We must be honest with each other and with ourselves: much of what is happening in our country today is not normal.

These words come from Joe Biden’s speech in Philadelphia last night. There he has been highly critical of Trump supporters and what he calls “MAGA forces”. MAGA (Make America Great Again) is the motto of former President Donald Trump.

MAGA is determined to turn this country back. In the letter, Biden said that back in the United States, there is no right to an abortion, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, and no right to marry the person you love.

Donald Trump and the Maga Republicans support extremism that threatens the foundations of our republic. Biden said equality and democracy are under attack.

– I can’t let him win

Biden has spoken, among other things, of Republicans who still refuse to accept election results as of 2020.

– We can’t let her win. There was talk of violence as an acceptable political tool in this country. Not. Biden said it could never be an acceptable tool.

– You can’t love your country only when you win, go ahead.

The speech was given near the building where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were signed more than two centuries ago.

We have reassured ourselves for a long time that American democracy is guaranteed. But it is not. We must defend it, defend it. Anyone and everyone, continue.

blind language: Things really go wrong for President Joe Biden during Holocaust Remembrance Day. Video: AP. Reporter: Maja Walberg Cliff.
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– They are wrong

Biden is trying to give the Democratic Party its winds ahead of the November midterm elections, in which control of both houses of Congress is at stake.

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Pennsylvania, which includes Philadelphia, is traditionally an important swing state in American politics, and could become important to parties in midterm elections.

And at the end of the speech, Biden also wanted to remember what his administration had been through recently.

He highlighted recently passed bills, including better support for veterans exposed to toxic burns, lower prescription drug prices, and improved gun safety laws.

Pessimists and critics tell us that nothing can be done, but they are wrong. Biden said there is not a single thing America cannot do, and nothing is beyond our ability.