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Joe Biden - - Threatening our country

Joe Biden – – Threatening our country

New York (Dagbladet): – Do you have no shame? Biden said Republicans wanting to toughen election laws, during a speech at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Tuesday evening local time.

Across the United States, state Republican lawmakers are trying to make it more difficult to vote. According to Biden, 17 states have already enacted 28 such laws, while another 400 are on the way. Republicans claim they want laws to prevent widespread election fraud after the presidential election Trump claims were stolen from him.

However, no evidence was presented that Trump lost as a result of widespread electoral fraud. On the contrary, no election in American history has been examined more comprehensively.

silly: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday compared the punitive measures that followed the storming of Capitol Hill with Russia’s persecution of dissidents. It seems that US President Joe Biden is “ridiculous”. Video: AP
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– for God

For God’s sake, rise up and help prevent the collective effort to undermine elections and the sacred right to vote. Do you have no shame? Biden says.

Until Tuesday night, Biden had largely ignored Trump’s many attacks and accusations in an alleged attempt to restore some form of decency in Washington, D.C. But during the speech, he attacked Trump’s claims that the elections were stolen from him.

Biden noted that more people participated in this presidential election than ever before. It also indicates that allegations of widespread electoral fraud were rejected by local store agents, state councils, and more than 80 judges. There were also polls in Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia without changing the result.

back: “The United States is back,” President Joe Biden said in a speech to Congress on Thursday night, April 29. Video: AP
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It is clear to everyone that he is challenging the results and questioning the integrity of the elections: No elections have ever been more comprehensively investigated or held to such high standards. The Big Lie: A Big Lie, Says Biden Yahoo news.

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The audience cheered enthusiastically at the apparent attack on Trump, who still refused to admit defeat.

– If you lose in the US, you accept the result. You follow the constitution. You try again. You don’t call facts “false” and then try to demolish the American experience just because you’re not satisfied. He is not a statesman. Biden says she’s selfish.

European leaders ask

He believes that the approach of Trump and the Republicans is trying to disenfranchise people.

It oppresses, it is the denial of complete, free and just choices. It’s the most un-American thing any of us can imagine. Most non-American. Biden says he is the most unpatriotic.

He also says that the rest of the world is watching. He himself recently attended the G7 and NATO meetings in Europe.

Counting: Donald Trump returned when he held a public meeting in Florida last night where he paid tribute, among other things, to the victims after the building collapse in Miami. Reporter: Julie Tran
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– They ask me: Will things go well? Biden says.

The President of the United States describes what is happening as an assault on democracy.

Bullies and sellers of fear, sellers of lies, threaten the foundation of our country. We face the most important test of our democracy since the Civil War. This is not an exaggeration. Southern states at that time could not get access to Congress. The January 6 uprising did just that. I am not saying this to scare you. Biden says I’m saying it because you must be really scared.

He now promises that the US Department of Justice will use its power to challenge all restrictive election laws in the United States.

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dissatisfied activists

Biden is also asking Congress to pass a bill for the people, which aims to prevent voter suppression, and put an end to electoral fraud and hidden money in politics. Last month, Senate Republicans once refused to bring the law up for debate.

However, some American leftists were not happy with the president’s speech. They believe he should have intervened to remove the so-called blocking system in the Senate, which now allows Republicans to block a new law even though they are hardly a minority.

– We have been waiting for more than six months for the president to give a speech on democracy. And that’s what they managed to come up with? You can’t stop the Republicans’ attack on democracy just by informing voters before 2022. You will lose. we will lose. Our democracy will lose. Stop pushing the responsibility away from you and focus on passing the damning law, says Indivisible People’s Movement leader on Twitter, according to Watchman.