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Joe Biden, USA |  He resigned in protest — angry against Biden

Joe Biden, USA | He resigned in protest — angry against Biden

Josh Paul, a senior US official at the State Department, resigned from his position at the department on Wednesday.

Paul has long worked, among other things, in the field of arms deliveries to other countries. And now he comes with stunning criticism of Joe Biden and his government.

to Washington Post He describes US military support for Israel as an “impulsive reaction” based on “intellectual bankruptcy.”

We must certainly acknowledge the cruelty and scale of what Hamas did. He added to the newspaper: “For this reason, I fear the scale of the possible Israeli response.” ¨

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He explains that he does not want to continue in his position, knowing that it contributes to the killing of a number of civilians in Palestine.

– I acknowledge the right of the Israeli government to respond and defend itself. I guess I wonder how many Palestinian children will die in the process.

Paul was Deputy Chief of Political and Military Tasks at the State Department.

– Biden committed himself

Joe Biden’s visit to Israel on Wednesday links him closely to everything the IDF does in the war against Hamas from now on, according to analyst Jon B. Alterman.

The US President’s visit comes amid escalating tensions after the attack on a hospital in Gaza on Tuesday, which killed hundreds.

From a risk perspective, Biden is now tied to whatever the Israelis decide to do in Gaza, says John B. Alterman, director of the Middle East Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), told Reuters. .

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He believes that Biden is betting that reassuring, negotiating with, and assisting Israel will give him the greatest influence in shaping the course of the war.

Being president means you have to bet, and Biden has done that now. We’ll see how this develops, Alterman says.