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Joe Biden - warns: - a Trump clone

Joe Biden – warns: – a Trump clone

During a rally in Long Beach, south of Los Angeles, Biden called Republican candidate Larry Elder “a version of Donald Trump.”

The reason I am here and that you are all here is to thank and support our friend Governor Gavin Newsom. California, I’m not sure if you know this: The eyes of the nation are on California. The decision you make will have a huge impact in California, but it will resonate across the country – and this is no joke – around the world. this is the reason:

“You all know I kept quiet last year against the real Donald Trump,” he continues.

Fight: California Governor Gavin Newsom is fighting for the job. President Joe Biden endorsed it at a public meeting in Long Beach on Monday. Photo: Reuters/Lea Mehlis
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conservative presenter

Biden says the top Republican candidate for governor is the closest thing to a Trump clone he’s seen in the state.

– I mean it. Leading the other team, it’s Donald Trump’s clone. Can you imagine him as governor of this state?

Conservative radio host Larry Elder has emerged as Newsom’s main competitor.

Sheikh blames Governor Newsom for high crime rates, an increase in the number of homeless and strict coronation measures that have challenged business.

At the same time, Elder made a number of controversial statements that could weaken his support.

Recently, he said, schools should forgo all kinds of sex education. In addition, the African American sheikh claimed that slave owners Maybe he should have been compensated When slavery was abolished.

The challenge: Larry Elder hopes to move from a conservative radio host to the governor's residence in Sacramento, California.  Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP/NTB
Challenges: Larry Elder hopes to move from a conservative radio host to the governor’s residence in Sacramento, California. Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP/NTB
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to attack

Biden asks Californians to vote “no” to reject Newsom.

– You can’t let that happen. There is a lot at stake. And that’s why it’s so important that you vote “no”: Biden said that a “no” vote would protect California from Trump Republicans trying to stop us from getting this pandemic.

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He praises Newsom for his leadership and defense of science. Then he goes to direct attack on Republican conservatives.

– Right now there are some Republican conservatives, like the governor of Mississippi, who have talked to me about being dictators by demanding that people be vaccinated or tested. People are doing everything they can to obstruct or undermine the life-saving measures we’ve proposed, says Biden, who believes it’s not about the public health of these rulers, but about politics.

In the past, California introduced mandatory vaccination for all public sector workers. Elder promised that one of his first decisions would be to cancel this order.

Support: Governor Gavin Newsom with Vice President Kamala Harris at a campaign rally in San Leandro on Wednesday.  Only once was the governor's opponents able to hold a vote of no confidence in California.  It was in 2003, when moderate Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Gray Davis.  Photo: Caroline Custer/AP/NTB
the support: Governor Gavin Newsom with Vice President Kamala Harris at a campaign rally in San Leandro on Wednesday. Only once was the governor’s opponents able to hold a vote of no confidence in California. It was in 2003, when moderate Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Gray Davis. Photo: Caroline Custer/AP/NTB
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birthday scandal

Newsom has a star-studded team behind it, backed by big names like Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar, as well as Democrats Barbara Lee and Alexandria “AOC” Ocasio-Cortez, Vice President Kamala Harris and current President Joe Biden.

It’s called a vote of no confidence and that’s why they now have to campaign. Rules It dates back to 1911, He managed to remove selected government officials from California. A sufficient number of signatures must first be collected before the issue is decided upon in a new election.

A signature campaign with Newsom’s resignation demands took place last fall. Wind in the sails appeared when photos of Newsom, without a face mask, surfaced at the birthday party of a friend who works as a lobbyist.

hard to get out: US President Joe Biden will introduce new vaccination rules, which means he will require the vaccination of nearly 100 million Americans. Video: AP.
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At the same time, the deadline for the signing campaign has been pushed back to March this year due to the pandemic. Thus, Newsom’s opponents managed to collect more than 1.7 million signatures, which is more than enough.

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The governor must resign if more than 50 percent vote to oust him. Somewhat special election rules state that in this case he will be replaced by one of the competitors who receives the most votes – even if the person in question receives less support from Newsom.

climate policy

In the speech, Biden communicates directly with the sheikh.

If you vote ‘No’, you will also maintain a ruler who respects women. Rather it was written that women know less about politics and economics than men. He says he did not meet my wife.

Elder also mentioned that “global warming warning” is bullshit, and he can do it changeable In California’s relatively ambitious climate policy if elected.

By voting “no,” you want to protect California from yet another climate denier of Trump. It’s hard to believe climate deniers exist in America, but it’s true. Biden says the last place you want someone like that is in the governor’s office in California.

Election fraud

Republicans have already laid the groundwork before the election to say the election was stolen, he writes NBC NewsThis indicates that there is no evidence of electoral fraud in the country.

Elder, before the election, asked his supporters to fill out an online form to report alleged election fraud, writes CNN.

The model claims fraud was detected in the results, which would allow Newsom to continue as conservative.

Clear: The current President of the United States, Joe Biden, is objecting to the allegations of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, that the elections were stolen from him.
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As former President Donald Trump emphasized:

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– Trump said in a statement on Monday, does anyone really believe that the elections in California are not rigged?

Presets appear according to Watchman Many Democrats have already voted, while more Republicans are expected to vote on Election Day on Tuesday.


The Guardian writes that, after first treating the election as a distraction that Republicans, Democrats and the Newsom campaign have spearheaded in recent weeks, it has described it as a referendum on Trump in California.

Democrats are very powerful in California, so Newsom’s Republican rivals are fighting uphill. But this summer, there were polls that indicated the election could go smoother than expected. Thus, Newson and the Democrats had to step up their campaign.

– There is no scenario where we lose tomorrow, Newsom strategist Sean Clegg said, according to The Associated Press.

But if Newsom is fired, and a Republican takes charge of a Democrat in a blue state like California, it will fuel criticism that the party has lost touch with voters, the Guardian wrote.

Mindy Romero of the University of Southern California says it could also encourage impeachment in elections across the country.

The New York Times He points to the election as one of the first major indicators of the country’s political direction since Biden became president.