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Johannes Husfluth Klæbo and Pernille Døsvik

Johannes Husfluth Klæbo and Pernille Døsvik

It was in April 2018 the ski star Johannes Husfluth Kleibaugh Revealed that he found love. The cross country skier recently started using YouTube, and it was in a video where he can reveal his presence I found happiness with Pernell Dusvik.

On Ida Vladen’s podcast, Ida with her heart in her handHøsflot Klæbo opens up about how they met and how the first date went downhill.

– Small

It all started with me on Instagram. We were Russians at the same time, we have common acquaintances. Then it was a lot easier than if it was just plain weird, he says in the podcast.

I think it was difficult at first. I felt like I was working hard to make it happen.

The cross-country skier also tells in the podcast about his first encounter. He says they could not meet in public the first time for fear of rumours.

cut: Oral surgery by Emil Iversen and Johannes Høsflot Klæbo is already underway ahead of the important Olympic season. Video: Haarstad / Løkås Photo: Bjørn Langsem
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– She was simply so unlucky that she had to come straight to my house, and the first person I met there was my mom and dad. Then do not think that the brother and sister are going to see who came to visit. I think it was small. I can’t understand anything else, he laughs.

Dagbladet has been in touch with Haakon Klæbo who reported that Høsflot Klæbo would not comment on anything other than what appears in the podcast.

bought a house

The couple got back together in 2017, and two years later the two bought a house together.

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The price of the house was up to nine million kroner, but it is worth noting that the talent for skating gets a lot for his money. VG He wrote that the estimated price of the house was ten million kronor, which means that the couple got it for a little less than the seller wanted.

In April of last year, it became known that the 24-year-old had already bought a cabin in Skeicampen, where he spent several hundred hours training on skates.

Høsflot Klæbo seriously shares photos from several hours of training trips in Skeikampen, and before skiing WC in Oberstdorf, he spent most of his time in the cabin.

Due to the fear of illness, he chose to spend much of his time before the World Cup in the cabin, which exceeded the time he had to be with his girlfriend.

After taking the World Cup gold medal in the sprint in Oberstdorf, Klæbo has opened up about how the past few months have been.

– It means a lot to me. We haven’t been together much in the past two months. She’s been at her parents’ house, and I’m preparing for these days. I’ll call her later tonight, and then we’ll have a nice chat afterwards, Klæbo told Dagbladet at the time.