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John Cena promoted to Crown Jewel

John Cena promoted to Crown Jewel

John Cena recently returned to WWE programming and is supposed to remain there for a few more weeks, at least until the end of October.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has begun promoting the Riyadh Season, a large-scale event that will last several months and during which various entertainment shows and sports competitions will be held.

One of these events will be WWE’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view, scheduled for November 4, which will be shown during a promotional video.

This video shows some pictures from WWE programs, one of which is of John Cena’s recent return, in which the fighter is scheduled to participate.

So far, WWE has yet to confirm John Cena’s attendance and participation at Crown Jewel, but it seems very likely now.

Another fighter who appears to have been “called up” to fight at Crown Jewel is Roman Reigns, and it’s possible his next fight could take place there.

Would you like to see John Cena fight at Crown Jewel?

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