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John Habtas is delighted. Is this the heir of Kamil Stokes?

John Hapthas finished sixth in ski jumping in plastic matting during the Poland Championships.

John Habtas showed off himself very well during the Polish Championship in Sky Jumping at the Plastic Matting held at Middle Grokiou in Jacobin. Will 17-year-old Adam Malice and Kamil Stoch come after him?

Habdas jumped 106.5m in the first round, setting a new facility record and starting the competition in Jakobane. However, good form did not bring him the medal. He finished sixth in the final classification. Despite this, the 17-year-old received a lot of praise from the icons associated with ski jumping.

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– The dynamics of Habdas allow him to bind himself to hope for the future. However, it should run well – said Małysz, citing the portal “”.

– I saw Jazz on the mountain, not knowing what this guy could already do. He simply has it, which is why he can jump like this, not because he has learned – Apollonius Dajner said in an interview with Onet Sport.

Hapthas has already achieved greatness. In 2015, he won the FIS Schuler Grand Prix at Ruhbolding. The young jumper will have the opportunity to participate in the World Cup next season.

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