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Johnny Depp collected $50 million in just these seven minutes

Johnny Depp collected $50 million in just these seven minutes

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Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors of all time. In this famous film, the actor earned a fortune for just seven minutes of work.

The past few years have been very busy for Johnny Depp. 15-month marriage with the actress Amber Heard Which ended in divorce in 2016, distorting the career of the American actor.

From Day to Night, after the publication of a controversial text by Amber Heard Washington PostThe actor was almost unemployed, and was even “fired” from the epics.Pirates of the Caribbean” that it “Fantastic beastsWith this defamatory article (although it did not mention the name of the actor, it was clear who he was talking about), Johnny Depp lost many important roles.

In order to restore justice and clear his name, the actor went to court, in one of the most publicized cases in recent years. The case was broadcast live, and had a little bit of everything, with twists and turns worthy of a Hollywood movie. In the end, Johnny Depp cleared his name, with three charges in his favor and only one in favor of the actress. Amber Heard had to pay $10 million in compensation to the actor.

Back to action with his latest film.”Jeanne du Barry – the king’s favoriteThere is another news circulating about The possibility of the actor returning to the saga Who immortalized him as Captain Jack Sparrow. There are rumors that the actor is 60 years old He will have accepted more than $300 million To work on the next film in the saga.

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Until it is confirmed, we remember another similar situation, which happened to Johnny Depp He earned real wealth ($50 million) For only seven minutes of work.

Astronomical value

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From the visionary Tim Burton, known for directing…Beetlejuice“”and production””Nightmare before Christmas“, adapting classic literature by Lewis Carroll“,”Alice in Wonderland“, Among the actors, when he played the role of the Hatter, was the famous actor Johnny Depp.

To play this character, for only 7 minutes, The American actor earned $50 million.

At the peak of his career, it is estimated that The actor has amassed a fortune of $600 million. In 2010, when he was still a notable ‘visibility’, and despite the seven minutes he appeared in the film, Johnny Depp was mainly used as a marketing gambit, with… Your face is on all the posters.

Johnny Depp
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The seventh cooperation so far between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, despite the cost, were worth it in the end.

With just over $1 billion at the box office, that was it The second most profitable film of 2010“It is only surpassed by him.”toy story 3“, for “only” $40 million.

Tractor | Johnny Depp took Alice in Wonderland to success

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