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Johnny Depp "search for cocaine" in Amber Heard's vagina

Johnny Depp “search for cocaine” in Amber Heard’s vagina

Johnny Depp “search for cocaine” in Amber Heard’s vagina

The artist admitted that the artist would conduct a “cavity search” in search of drugs after she tore her clothes.

It was just over two hours of certification just starting. On Wednesday, May 4, Amber Heard spoke for the first time during the trial of her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit. New and heartbreaking discoveries were expected – and that’s exactly what happened.

One of the most shocking revelations—which brought Heard to tears—taken a step back in 2013. Depp was high on drugs. He asked “Where is she?” “How long have you been hiding them?” he said of the cocaine he always carried with him. He’ll shout, “You know what the hell I’m talking about.”

Heard, visibly moved, revealed that the actor started groping her for the drug and that he tore the dress she made herself. Between tears, the actress admitted that a truly humiliating moment ensued.

“He tore my dress, grabbed my breast, touched my thigh, and tore my underwear,” she recalls. “Then he started looking in the cavities, saying he was looking for his cocaine.” “He put his fingers inside me. I didn’t know what to do, I just stood there. He kept flicking his fingers inside me.”

In another reported episode, Heard accuses Depp of threatening to kill her while on vacation on the actor’s island in the Bahamas. “He shoved me by the neck and held me for a while, while telling me he could kill me and that I was a disgrace,” he recalls.

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Much of the discussion on the actress’s first day of testimony focused on the erratic behavior of the actress who, according to her, was almost always under the influence of drugs, to the point of losing complete control over bodily functions.

“I always thought he was the love of my life, and he was, but it was also something completely different,” the actress explained of the “horrible thing” that “controlled” Depp. He recalled his excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol: “No one told him anything, no one was honest with him.”

“He fainted from his vomit. He lost control of his body and everyone around him had to clean up. This guy had no control over his bowels and I was after him to clean.”

Heard wasn’t the only one. The actress revealed that her security team spent more time cleaning up than the roles they were assigned to. “The stock cleaned him. They even changed his pants in front of me,” he recalls. “I’d sleep on my vomit, then wake up and say it’s fine — until it happens again.”

moments of anger

The day was also marked by a report on several violent incidents provoked by jealousy. During a vacation, the couple and several friends gathered around a bonfire in the desert where they took drugs. “Someone brought MDMA,” he recalls. A woman next to her took the medication and ended up resting her head on the actress’s shoulder. Deb didn’t like it.

“Hey, how do you think you’re touching my girl?” , asked the actor, who became even angrier. According to Heard, he rose and grabbed the woman’s arm. Do you know how many pounds of pressure it takes to break a human wrist? The couple’s argument continued in the trailer as they slept, with Depp accusing her of inciting these outbursts of violence.

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A similar scenario occurred during a plane trip to Russia, when he persuaded Deep Heard to take MDMA during the flight.

“It was as stupid an idea as it sounds,” he noted. They both took medicine and Depp eventually urged the host to cooperate and take the pill as well. complied. When the effects were felt, he slept next to Heard – something which, again, provoked the wrath of the actor, who again threatened to break his wrist, this time on the hostess.

The most contentious trial of the year continues on Thursday, May 5, with Heard returning to the witness stand to continue his testimony.