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Johnny Depp's Disfigured Finger: The old video with Dakota Johnson that's spreading fast

Johnny Depp’s Disfigured Finger: The old video with Dakota Johnson that’s spreading fast

Johnny Depp in court with a defamation suit against the ex-wife, Amber Heard. The names and photos of both of them made the headlines of daily newspapers all over the world. This time, he accepted the actor’s testimony about the large wound to his finger after the actor threw a bottle of vodka.

Johnny Depp’s nurse searched the actor’s finger all over the house: ‘It was a mess’

This week, a rescued video clip on social media from September 2015 shows Depp at the film’s press conference. Black mass, along with Dakota Johnson, with whom he shared the screen. In the photos, the actress notices Depp’s injured finger and appears to be asking him what happened. The actor appears to be telling a joke, which causes the actress to laugh, but in the face of Johnny Depp’s tension, the actress changes her expression and appears to be showing an alarming expression. See the video below.

Last Monday, 25, the actor ended his testimony saying he had been a victim of domestic violence and was ‘devastated’ at the end of his marriage. In one of the audio recordings heard in court, Depp threatened to cut himself with a knife. “In the end, I was shattered…I thought the only solution was ‘Deliver, that’s all I have left,'” he admitted.

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