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Nach einer Erstimpfung mit Johnson & Johnson empfiehlt die Stiko Auffrischungsimpfungen mit mRNA-Vakzinen.

Johnson & Johnson: What’s the difference between a second vaccine and booster?

The least common vaccine against Govt-19 is Johnson & Johnson. In comparison: it was louder until January 10th Impfdashboard About 5.3 million sizes are managed, compared to 124.6 million from Biontech / Pfizer. The Jansen vaccine provides particularly good protection, at least initially. Here you can read why the Standing Vaccine Commission recently changed its recommendations for booster vaccines.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), a single look is not enough Johnson & Johnson To be vaccinated. RKI advises to get another vaccine after four weeks. Then there is a high of at least three months Security. After that the effect diminishes somewhat – that is, those who are vaccinated are more likely to get caught. Corona virus May have more strong slopes again. RKI observed most vaccine improvements in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Standards Vaccine Commission (STIKO) therefore advises Johnson & Johnson to meet again with another vaccinator Vaccine Vaccinate: So the booster vaccine does not happen in Johnson & Johnson. The booster vaccine is available through the Biontech Agency for people up to 30 years of age Cooperative Recommended. It can also be used for people over 30 Modern Being. Officially, there should be three months between the second vaccine and the booster vaccine. Previously, the interval was set at six months. This Cross-vaccinations Especially to provide a high level of security.

Different requirements apply to the official booster status in the federal states. Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate one after another The first vaccine Only one vaccine with an mRNA vaccine (i.e. Biotech or Modern) is required with Johnson & Johnson. Bavaria handles the assessment very strictly and is based on RKI’s recommendation: here, there should be two more Johnson & Johnson vaccinators Vaccine Inject three in total. Those who have been vaccinated for the first time by Johnson & Johnson, from the 15th day after the third vaccination Raised.

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