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Johnson will be injected with the virus on Live TV - VG

Johnson will be injected with the virus on Live TV – VG

Strong accusations: Foto: Matt Dunham / AP

Dominic Cummings, one of Boris Johnson’s former advisers, made strong allegations against the British prime minister.


Cummings said at a hearing in the British Parliament, according to Sky News, That Johnson suggested injecting covid-19 on live TV, to prove it was not dangerous.

The advisor talks about February of last year:

In February, Boris Johnson thought it was just a scary story, as he thought it was the new swine flu.

The advisor believes that the government has failed to deal with the epidemic.

Johnson has not commented on the allegations.

Photo: Frank Augstein / AP

Over time, there was a struggle between Johnson and Cummings:

He caught attention when Cummings, who was removed from the position of Prime Minister’s closest adviser in November last year, claimed in April that Boris Johnson should have said He prefers to see “corpses pile up” From entering “closures” in the UK. This He himself refused.

During a Wednesday session in Parliament, Cummings denied his title of Chief Chancellor, but he was aide to the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson himself contracted COVID-19 in April 2020 I had to receive intensive care.

This is what the journalist behind the “Just Borys” biography said. That must be a shock to Johnson.

– His view of the world is that disease is for the weak, the journalist said.

Status is updated.

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