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Jorge Jesus contacted Candido Costa after the 50 Cent story was revealed

Jorge Jesus contacted Candido Costa after the 50 Cent story was revealed

WAndido Costa has become a television star in a very short time, and the former footballer’s talent for telling stories has contributed to this phenomenon – especially those involving Jorge Jesus, who he once coached.

Among the episodes already reported by Candido, it is inevitable that this should be highlighted The day JJ, as coach of Belenenses, had a falling out with 50 Centwho was doing a sound test at the Restelo Stadium before the concert, thus halting a training session for the home team.

Jorge Jesus, enraged, immediately approached the rapper and ordered him to stop making noise, a story that Candido Costa often recalls.

These videos really went viral, and the person who also watched them was Jesus, who decided to contact Candide when he came across one.

“I was passing through Milhada, on one of my many trips, and I got a phone call saying ‘Jorge Jesus, mister’.He began by telling the former player, who added that he was apprehensive about the reason for the call.

“I thought, knowing him as well as I knew him, that I would answer, and he would say, ‘Listen, are you playing with that bastard?’ What a traitor!” So ​​I answered in the tone of a kitten. He was frightened and said: “I am, sir.” Then he said: “Listen.” [estavas] The same! “I’m tired of laughing”As reported by Candido.

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