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Jornal de Pomerode - Pomerode and the region move to the dangerous level in the Covid-19 risk rating

Jornal de Pomerode – Pomerode and the region move to the dangerous level in the Covid-19 risk rating

The potential risk matrix released by the Santa Catarina government this Saturday 14th shows that only two areas of the state are still classified as severe risk (red). Only the Northeast and Foz do Rio Itajai remain at the highest level of attention for Covid-19.

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The areas of Alto Vale do Rio do Peixe, Extreme West, Greater Florianópolis, Middle Vale do Itajaí, West, North Plateau and Xanxerê are classified as severe risk (orange). Seven other regions were classified as high risk (yellow): Alto Uruguay, Catarinense, Alto Valle do Itajai, Carbonifera, Extreme South, Laguna, Midwest and Sierra Catarinense.

According to data scientist from the State Department of Health (SES), Bianca Vieira, the improvement of the scenario in Santa Catarina shows a significant improvement mainly due to the progress of vaccination. “There is a decrease in the number of deaths and in the issue of the ability to pay attention, which evaluates the occupation in intensive care units, with the expansion of vaccination,” he said. “We have just over 20% of the population vaccinated with the second dose, and as we move forward with immunization we will turn this map into a more comfortable scenario for our population.”

::: Check the matrix of potential risks on Saturday 14th August

How does the matrix classify area risks?

The matrix remains organized into four current priority dimensions, namely intensity, portability, control and attentional capacity.

The variable mortality per week per 100,000 population remains as severity, as it is the most accurate epidemiological information. This dimension also brings the trend of hospitalization for severe acute respiratory syndrome for evaluation in a population of 100,000. Transmission rate (Rt) is grouped with the number of vectors per 100,000 population in the transmissibility dimension.

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On the other hand, the observational dimension assesses variables of vaccination coverage in people over 18 years of age with a second dose or a single full dose, as well as the variance in the number of cases per week.

Attention capacity remains the bed occupancy rate in adult intensive care units booked for Covid-19. The weighted Covid ICU bed display per 100,000 inhabitants will not be considered in this version of the matrix.