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José Alberto Carvalho apologizes for comment on Miss Portugal – NiT

José Alberto Carvalho apologizes for comment on Miss Portugal – NiT

José Alberto Carvalho apologizes for commenting on Miss Portugal

“Everyone must search for their happiness,” the journalist for the newspaper “Jornal Nacional” said on Monday.

It received severe criticism on social media.

Last Thursday, October 26, José Alberto Carvalho and Miguel Souza Tavares spoke on TVI “Jornal Nacional” about Marina Machetti’s victory in the Miss Portugal contest. They both showed their dismay at the fact that a transgender woman was representing our country in the Miss Universe pageant.

In the same newspaper issue that was broadcast on Monday night, October 30, the journalist apologized for the comments.

“A reckless act I committed last Thursday, the last time I was in this studio, shook, for some, this relationship [de confiança] “In a way that I did not intend, that I do not defend, and that is not compatible with my identity, for an important reason: there was someone at stake, her name was Marina Machetti, the winner of the Miss Portugal contest.” He said.

“I apologize and apologize if any of my behavior, even if unintentional, has contributed to this in relation to her, her family and her friends. I don’t feel that way and I don’t want it to,” he said, also adding that “all people should seek their own happiness.”

Controversial statements

Last week, TVI journalist and commentator Miguel Souza Tavares discussed transgender Marina Machetti’s win in this year’s Miss Portugal contest. “It wasn’t her who won the competition, it was a procedure (or several) of plastic surgery plus molecular medicine. That’s why he was elected,” said Souza Tavares. The fact that he referred to the model with male pronouns led to him being criticized, especially on social media. Social.

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Souza Tavares added: “The jury appreciated the results of successive plastic surgeries that went well and molecular or cellular treatments. And this is the result.” Afterwards, José Alberto Carvalho asked if he would marry that woman, and the journalist replied with a laugh. “Neither do you,” he replied.

Marina Machetti, the new Miss Portugal

Marina Machetti, a flight attendant for five years, asserts that the profession has been a “transformative experience” that makes her aware of the way transgender people are treated around the world. The 28-year-old also revealed that because of her gender identity, she had to overcome “many obstacles.”

“Fortunately, especially within my family, love has proven to be stronger than ignorance,” he explained in a video on the Miss Drag Portugal YouTube channel. In addition to fighting for the rights of trans people, she is passionate about “animals and their protection.”

Read the NiT article and get to know the new Miss Portugal better. Also click on the gallery to see some photographs of Marina Machetti.

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