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José Carlos Malato is angry for a moment on TVI: “You have children!”

José Carlos Malato is angry for a moment on TVI: “You have children!”

CCarlos Malato did not hide the indignation he felt when listening to the conversation between commentator Miguel Souza Tavares and journalist José Alberto Carvalho, under the title “Fifth Column” of the newspaper “Jornal Nacional” on TVI.

At one point, the two discussed Marina Machetti’s win in the Miss Portugal pageant, which became the first transgender woman to do so.

“What the jury estimated was the result of several plastic surgeries that went well and molecular or cellular therapies. Zi Alberto, would you marry this woman?” asked Miguel Souza Tavares.

The journalist replied, laughing: “Don’t bargain with me. No, no, not at all, and neither do you, I understand.”

José Carlos Malato filmed this snippet of the conversation and later shared it on social media, leaving the barbs: “And will any of you get married? Marriage does not depend only on the will of the man. The males talk as if they were in a house.” “A café drinking cups and scratching his body! What a shame, Zi Alberto, he doesn’t even look like you! You have children.”

© Instagram/José Carlos Malato

See below the moment that gets people talking.

It is important to remember that recently, Fame by the minute Interviewed by Marina Machetti. Read also: “I realized there would be an explosion of what I always hear because I am trans”

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