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José Carlos Pereira and Irina Sustelo take an important step

José Carlos Pereira and Irina Sustelo take an important step

Jose Carlos Pereira that it Irina Sustelo They live in a real “love bubble.” On Thursday, April 11, the two doctors shared a very special photo stories From Instagram. The couple decided to immortalize the love they feel for each other on their skin.

In the photo, we can see that the two have got matching tattoos on their forearms. It is a double interlocking triangle. The figure can be interpreted in different ways, but it was the choice of the actor and his companion.

The topic was also highlighted in the programme Red carpetfrom SIC Caras, on Friday the 12th, and commenters revealed more information about the meaning of this tattoo. “This image is about balance and harmony.”He said Liliana Camposcoordination provider.

“I loved the song they chose, Infinity['infinito'inPortuguesetranslation”['infinito'emtraduçãoparaoportuguês”['infinito'،بالترجمةالبرتغالية”[‘infinito’emtraduçãoparaoportuguês”He said Hugo MendesEditor and commentator for the Social Commentary Program. “It also means this, infinity.”,Enhanced ,Coordination Host.

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