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Jose Carlos Pereira finally responds to his ex-wife – Nacional

Jose Carlos Pereira finally responds to his ex-wife – Nacional

After announcing the death of his father, Xavier, in a strange post on social media, while he was on vacation in Brazil, José Carlos Pereira, 45, has disappeared from the public sphere. but now He finds himself involved in a fight with his ex-girlfriendmother of two young children, Tomas (2) and Afonso Duarte (1), Who accuses him of returning to the vices of the past.

Ines De Gois, 30, broke all the plates on Instagram. “If there was one thing I did, it was to stay silent around their father [dos filhos] He goes to Brazil and his father dies. And there he continues, without speaking to meo.” In the controversial video, the influencer accuses the “Festa É Festa” actress of not helping her take care of Thomas and Afonso, Giving you a monthly pension of just €400: “If you ask for another 5 euros…Ines De Gois also accuses the lover of wanting nothing to do with his children: “May he be a good father, because my door was always open. I’m the one who has to make an effort so he can spend more time with his kids.The final ax comes next: “SWhen I say he won’t see them again, I mean he won’t do it without me. When you are treated and admitted to the hospital, and are well, you can be with your children.

The influencer hints that the heart has returned to alcohol and drug addiction, as happened in the past. “TV Guia” called Zeca, as he was known to his friends and colleagues, but until the end of this edition, his phone was always switched off.

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However, on Thursday, November 30, the actor appeared on the program Dois à 10, on TVI, when the topic of the end of Luciana Abreu’s relationship was under discussion. Upon entering the studio Cristina Ferreira and Claudio Ramos stood up to greet him. The announcer started by telling him:Did you come here to register? Have you arrived from Brazil and are you leaving?He continued: “One of these days, you won’t want to come and talk to us?” Without wanting to say more and without addressing the subject of the controversy, he immediately replied: “Now, I still can’t, I’m busy with work.” He said goodbye to everyone and had nothing to add. Later, on social media, José Carlos Pereira once again realized that he was back at work and wrote: “Don’t worry. Be happy.Translation into Portuguese, “don’t worry be happy“And then Here he is ignoring the serious accusations made by his ex-wife and the mother of his two children.