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José Castelo Branco accuses Betty's son: he is arrogant – Vervier

José Castelo Branco accuses Betty's son: he is arrogant – Vervier

The Socialite went 'live' on Instagram where he did not spare Roger Basile and his ex-girlfriend Marcela Fernandez.

05/24/2024 • 20 h 44
Sonia Dias

José Castelo Branco, 61 years old, broadcast live on Instagram on Friday, when he was heading to the General Directorate of Reintegration and Prison Services, in Lisbon, where he spared no criticism for Roger Basile, the son of Betty Grafstein, and businesswoman Marcela Fernandez. One of the witnesses in the domestic violence case he was involved in.

The social first started by clarifying some “He lies” Broadcast by those who “you do not know anything”.

“First: I love my wife. I love Mrs. Betty.”“, he started by saying. “Secondly, I was never able to raise my mother-in-law. Thirdly, I never paid my house.”He continued, adding that when a woman refers to… “the Eagles” He is “Go back to people like Marcela Fernandez [dona do espaço noturno Glitter’s Gallery, em Lisboa]!

The night businesswoman was one of the few people who was allowed to visit Betty Grafstein in the hospital and she was very close to Roger. She had already been called to testify in the domestic violence case against José Castelo Branco and what she said was not a compliment to the man who, in a rage, confirmed to those closest to him that he had been betrayed by his former friend.

“She's the one who reported me to the police. She's a liar. She stole my bags. And I'm wearing the same clothes because she stole everything from me, even my toothbrush! But she's not playing with me!”“The Count,” he confirmed.

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And Roger Basile said that “arrogant”who doesn't know who “Marcella indeed.”.

He added to himself: “You don't love your mother. You're so fake and you hate me. But I love you and I'm praying for you. Because you're my stepson.”.

In conclusion, in the midst of all this, José Castelo Branco says, the worst thing is that they separated him from my house: “They took advantage of her being 95 years old and confused to attack me.”.