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Jose Condesa mourns the death: “I felt empty”

Jose Condesa mourns the death: “I felt empty”

Actor José Condesa is going through a moment of pain, due to the death of his friend and mentor Carlos Avilez.

director Carlos Aviles He died on the 22nd at the age of 84, a victim of cardiac and respiratory arrest, in Cascais Hospital.

Jose Condesa is inconsolable over the loss of the person he always considered a great mentor.

“Carlos, sir. I felt empty. These days, there is a hollow place inside me, as if something had been stolen from me and I wanted to keep it so strongly but I could not. I went to our theater. I looked for it everywhere and could not find it. I sat in Front row in my chair next to him, hoping to hear his voice but it didn’t appear,” the young actor began typing. , in the long text dedicated to Carlos Avilez, which he shared on Instagram.

“I looked for him in his office, thinking that when I came in I would find him with his spectacles on the tip of his nose and returning from a soon-to-be-appeared play, but the pen was at rest (as it always was) and his lamp had been put out. I slept in the theater because it always taught me that the most magical things happen at night. And I thought that, maybe for once, just for a second, I could put him there again, walking down the aisles with his hands crossed behind his back, leaving a trail of an unmistakable scent in his wake, and then crossing the stage with a smile and saying, “Shall we begin?” It didn’t happen. “Those days were like this. Lost, wandering between the walls of his theater and his home, recalling moments that mixed pain and joy, with the right dose that made me wonder if I was dreaming.”

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