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Jose Eduardo Muniz admits to having differences with Cristina Ferreira and leaves a message for those who think he is “old” and “outdated” – Nacional

Jose Eduardo Muniz admits to having differences with Cristina Ferreira and leaves a message for those who think he is “old” and “outdated” – Nacional

José Eduardo Muniz returned to TVI – which did not come out completely – To grow the masses and steal leadership from the SIC. This is the task that the general manager must carry out christina ferreira, Director of Fiction and Entertainment and her team as well as the Information Department led by Nuno Santos.

However, the coexistence between Cristina and José Eduardo was not always peaceful and harmonious. Much has been written about the differences between the two. The director and shareholder of Queluz de Baixo had already admitted the difference of opinion, in an interview in September 2023.

“There must be an understanding between everyone who works at TVI. It is not just the two of us. “José Eduardo is the general manager, I am the entertainment director, and I have other jobs, but obviously there is a hierarchical respect that has to be there.”began by putting Cristina Ferrera in context.

It's very normal that we often don't have similar ideas, we're different ages, and we have different TV stories.“Sometimes we have different ways of seeing things, we always have to come to a consensus,” explained the Director of Entertainment and Fiction.

but, The differences between the two were greater than they initially wanted to convey. On the afternoon of Monday 26 February, José Eduardo Muniz was the guest of Manuel Luis Gocha, where the General Director of TVI removed the “warm blankets” in his relationship with Cristina Ferreira.

Without hesitation, Muniz began by asserting that he was A return to TVI was viewed with great suspicion by many people. “I know I faced a lot of reservations, and A lot of people looked at me with reservations when I returned to TVI here: 'Here he comes again, with Old ideas, they're old, they're outdated, they're out of the past, This was television from another time. And what I had in mind was nothing of the sort. What I had in mind was a TV that would stand out from the crowd. I hate that we all have the same software and that we do everything the same way. He stressed that it is a situation that I want to put an end to.

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Muniz sent a message to those who considered him an “outdated” professional. “Those who looked at me with great reserve when I joined TVI, who thought I was old and outdated, I say they are the ones who put me the most behind.because I I have a much more entrepreneurial spirit than them and a much more restless spirit than theirs. She has traveled all over the world, worked in television abroad, and in digital television in Brazil. (…) What I have a minimum understanding of, it is difficult to deceive me,” stressed José Eduardo. Muniz had to be more clear, when asked by Manuel Luis Gocha about his relationship with Cristina Ferreira: “It is the relationship of the natural relationship between the general manager and the manager. This meant that we had to understand each other as we understood each other.”I don't deny it, when Christina and her team joined TVI, they looked at me with some reservations. Because they probably thought I would destroy everything they had together. My idea is not to destroy, my idea is to add value. He explained: “When I believe things that are different from other people's things, I must say humbly, but firmly, that I do not agree with that.”

Muniz even assumed that the general manager and the entertainment director had different concepts for television. “Christina has tremendous value. (…) I want some kind of TV, Christina wants some kind of TV. We cross these visionshe said, before revealing that the tie he took to the program was given to him by the presenter.

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