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Jose Fernando Rio and Fabio Vieira's departure: "Pinto da Costa used to fill his mouth with numbers..." - FC Porto

Jose Fernando Rio and Fabio Vieira’s departure: “Pinto da Costa used to fill his mouth with numbers…” – FC Porto

The former candidate for the presidency of FC Porto left criticism of the club’s business

With Fabio Vieira on the verge of becoming Arsenal’s boost to 35 million euros + 5 million in goals, The reactions of fans and members of FC Porto did not last long. In comments to “Bola Branca”, a program on Rádio Renascença, Jose Fernando Rio, the former candidate for the presidency of the Dragons, left a lot of criticism of the way the club operates. “The chief financial officer had already announced the need for €70-100 million in capital gains this year and I was already waiting for the bleeding to start. Obviously we have to deduct the brokerage costs. In Porto, we never know if it’s high or low. ‘, but it’s usually very loud. President Bento da Costa has been filling his mouth with numbers, and that Porto has a position to only negotiate players through a termination clause and we see that’s not true,” he began by pointing out.


Fabio Vieira at Arsenal for 35 million euros

Assuming he was waiting for Vitina’s departure as well and that it would be a “total failure” if the midfielder left Porto for less than €40m from the release clause, Jose Fernando Rio was still worried about the coach’s situation. Sérgio Conceição: “I imagine that at this moment Sérgio Conceição is very angry. He also announced that, now that Porto is outside UEFA’s purview, they can invest more in the team’s competitiveness; they are starting to see key players leave. This may It has some effect on their desire to stay or leave the club.”

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The judge concluded his speech by addressing the possibility that André Villas-Boas could be a candidate for the presidency of the club in 2024. To be president of Porto. André Villas Bois has every right and every condition to advance. It is a member with recognized benefits. Let’s see what his proposal to the club is,” he concluded.

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