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Jose Fidalgo comments on rhinoplasty

Jose Fidalgo comments on rhinoplasty

Jose Fidalgo First he approached the surgery performed on the nose, changing its aesthetic form. distance Pictures revealed The representative commented on social networking sites about the matter published by the national press.

In fact, I had to undergo nasal surgery due to chronic respiratory issues. As part of the problem was in the contours of my nose, I had to correct it. Although I understand the different opinions about this intervention, I would like to tell you that I feel healthy‘, he began to draw a line.

In the InstagramFidalgo comments that he was present at the premiere of Antonio Pedro Vasconcelos’ film – KM244 – which he co-wrote with Anna Varela – as a matter of “professional duty”, after failing to take part in the film’s promotional work.

The actor is in “Post-Operation because it is a surgery that requires recovery time”. I return, therefore, to ‘close’ [confinamento]until it is fully restored.. “, pointed out.

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