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Jose Luis Cardoso, of "Casados"'s relationship ended: "I am offended by your controlling attitudes"

Jose Luis Cardoso, of “Casados”‘s relationship ended: “I am offended by your controlling attitudes”

Days after he admitted, even if in an “indirect” way, that he had experienced some problems related to “exaggerated jealousy“, Jose Luis Cardosoa former participant in ‘Married at first sight“, He confirmed that his relationship with Teresa Fernandez has ended.

According to the publication he made, in his book InstagramIt was the partner who wanted to end the relationship, less than three months after it began. In July of this year, the “Count” introduced his girlfriend to his minions.

Yesterday I ran into Teresinha, who said to me face to face: ‘From today, I’ll just be your friend again. This was not the man I fell in love with. I still love you, but I feel so much pain, hurt and humiliation daily because of your controlling, jealous and even sexist attitudes’‘,” he began by referring to Jose Luis, quoting the words of his now ex-girlfriend.

“I, deep down, want my back again, the kind, tender, caring and polite I’ve known”‘, as reported by Teresa Fernandez, with”tears in the eyesAccording to the previous participant.“You’ll have to take me back until everything goes back to how it was.”‘, he finished.

“An overwhelming passion that not many will accept” – Jose Luis Cardoso, of “Casados”, announces himself to his new girlfriend

José Luis Cardoso noted in his words with relief:How can one love a woman, my queen, as I usually call her, so much, and at the same time treat her in such a rude and indecent way? I have a mental/mental disorder that I’m treating I hope from the bottom of my heart that my mind does not betray me and that I lose the one I love most. I have so much hope to give you everything you deserve my lovesaid the participant.

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