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José Mourinho vit sa première mini-crise sur le banc de la Roma.

Jose Mourinho’s first setbacks in Roma

Jose Mourinho, who came to the Louvre bench this summer, had a different start with Roma, but is already heading to his first crisis conclusions in the context of dubious communication.

If Rome is an eternal city, it is difficult to say about the coaches who won on the bench of Roma. Since the early 2010s, only Rudy Garcia has been president of Kialoros for more than two years. With the selection of Jose Mourinho, Roma returned as a renowned coach with clearly established sporting principles. On paper for a club that has been very low for many seasons, what returns a little stability. In recent weeks, however, chlorosis has shown very little calm. Despite Roma’s move to Genoa’s lawn this Sunday (8:45 pm), Jordan Verdout’s team has won just one of their last seven matches and is sixth in Serie A. In Europe, Mourinho’s men are in 2nd place. Their team at the Europa Conference and in the 1/16 round is under unqualified threat.

A promising start before the fall: A new constant in Mourinho

Without disaster, the situation in the Italian capital “Significance One” deteriorated significantly from the first steps. Often, the Portuguese coach was quickly accepted by his new club. Under his command, Roma got off to a great start with six wins in six games in all competitions. “Before Mourinho, Roma did not win the matches they suffered. This is a team that knows how to work hard and win even the toughest matches. Even on the management side, we feel that Mourinho wants to do a lot of things. Rome dreamed again with Mourinho2, explained in mid-September, on Eurosport , Guillaume Maillard-Pacini, a journalist specializing in Italian football.

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But with “tenderness”, the fairy tale can suddenly take on the appearance of a nightmare. Last season, many British spectators imagined joining the Tottenham title race. Twelve days later, the Mourinho-led Londoners were proudly at the top of the Premier League before collapsing completely. Last April, Tottenham finished 7th, so Spurs management decided to split with Special One. In the past, he may have played for Manchester United (2016-2018), which began with two trophies he won in the first season, one-third marked by conflicts with his dressing room before the second trivial training session, and the Red Devils’ worst start since 1990. This time, in Roma, the difficulties came sooner than expected.

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A historic defeat and the players were isolated

Defeat was certain during the derby against Lazio (3-2, September 26), which was the first major obstacle for Mou and his troops. The Portuguese lost at the first big meeting of the season, but the setback that Zoria Lohansk (0-3) really dusted off at the Europa conference with his Roma win (2-0) on home soil against Emboli in the next game was precisely what happened at this Europa League conference. On October 21, Kialorosi was taken to the Norwegian field in Poto / Klimt. The result was a miserable and unlikely defeat for Mourinho’s men 6-1. A team coached by a Louisianan technician has never conceded so many goals in a single match.

This failure is my fault“, Mourinho immediately announced at a news conference in front of the press that he had imagined a coach eager to take full responsibility for this humiliation in order to protect his players. It did not happen.”I know the limitations of my team, nothing new. I have a team of 13 to 14 players and the other is very limitedThen said the Portuguese. And Soft did not pray to point out players who did not meet his expectations. Marash Kumbulla, Brian Reynolds or Ricardo Calafiori were directly mentioned by Mourinho, who had all the trouble in the world to cover up doubts about their status.

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The other side of the Alps is a communication strategy that is really unbelievable. “How can you train more than 100% when your coach has decided to humiliate you in public?“Former footballer Paulo de Canio asks Sky Italy. Former Juventus midfielder Alessio Touchinardi comments on his microphone TMW Radio. ⁇Dirty laundry should be washed in the dressing room, He believes. Following this defeat, the Romans won only one match on October 27 on the grasslands of Cochlear (1-2).

Special, always supported

However, the Portuguese did not appear to have lost his locker room for now. Tommy Abraham, who has been criticized for his inadequate performance in recent weeks, says he has full confidence in his coach. “I was a great player, but he told me I had to be bad before the goal. He wants to make me some kind of monster», Announced, excited, former Chelsea striker. Tricolor midfielder Jordan Verdaut also wanted to help his coach. “He is a winner. It’s tough and everyone wants to give 200% for the teamHe said in an interview with Cassette Dello game.

Outside the locker room, several voices are raised to defend Jose Mourinho. Not least since the club’s two former greats, Daniel de Rossi and Francesco Totti, recently explained how Maui was “not a problem”. “Except for the dismissal of Mourinho, the Romans will be satisfied at the end of the season. He is one of the most powerful coachesThe former midfielder said Sky Italy. For his part, the former goal scorer of Kialorosi wanted to recall the descent of the Special One. “He’s more successful than all the Serie A coaches, so we have to focus on him», He pointed out Sky Italy Further.

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Finally, the former coach of Chelsea and Porto has maintained the confidence of his captains for the time being. “We need time, I mention the team, the mood and all the sports settings around the team. We are not going to form a team immediately, this is definitely not the time to question the plan, strategy and leadership of Mourinho.“The club’s general manager, Diego Pinto, has argued that for now, it’s time to make peace with Roma, but the situation is still tense.