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José Raposo in mourning: "This damned disease that affects so many people"

José Raposo in mourning: “This damned disease that affects so many people”

This Friday, September 30th, Jose Raposo Use your account Instagram To leave a greeting for a friend “Who was a good man”And the Mario RosaShare your photo.

“My friend MÁRIO ROSA left us. He was a good man, a friend of many theaters … more than the so-called “commercial” theaters! This relationship is due to the fact that for years Mario was a “discus knight” (now called a DJ) in nightclubs, One of them, Acapulco, was very frequented by Park Mayer residents in the 1980s and 1990s.”began writing to explain the post.

“We would leave the theaters in the park and go, late at night, to give “performances” for three-quarters of an hour, or simply have drinks. And Mario, who, in addition to playing nightclub music, also did all the light and acoustic operations of the “shows,” what His easy thing to do is to make friends with everyone, for the sake of his natural friendship and simplicity.”he added.

“I remember, all of a sudden, being in Acapulco with Maria Joao, Fernando Mendes, Rita Ribeiro, Carlos Cuna, Carlos Arria, Marina Motta, Nicolao Breiner, Vasco Morgado (father), Henrique Viana, Carlos Coelho, Vera Mónica, Camacho Costa, Rosa do Canto, Noemia Costa, Carlos Evo, Rosa Arria, Luis Mascarenhas, Fatima Severino, Carlos Zell, I don’t know…more!”continued.

Finally, the actor left a few words of support for his friend’s wife. “It was in Acapulco that Mario met his companion until the end of his life, my friend and colleague Rosa Vieira. Rosa was a tireless fighter, she had been by her side 24 hours a day for the past 21 months in the unequal battle, and that is this dreaded disease that afflicts so many Of the people, it’s called cancer! I just wanted to sign up forever for a friend who was a good man, as I mentioned at the beginning. And my condolences to the family. And kiss lord”Been completed.

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