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Jose Seid responds to CNN Portugal's gaffe: 'I will sue. An apology is not enough' - Current Affairs

Jose Seid responds to CNN Portugal’s gaffe: ‘I will sue. An apology is not enough’ – Current Affairs

When introducing the piece, Pedro Belo Moraes said, mistakenly, that the song belonged to Elton John. After the report, the journalist corrected the error. “Of course, as we all know, this song was written by Jose Seid, not by Elton John,” he said between smiles. “I was wrong,” he concluded, “it’s from John Lennon, however, that this repair should be made.”

On social media, José Cid reacted to the moment. “CNN Portugal just mixed up in a blunt, aggressive and disrespectful way… composing the ‘Imagine’ topic for John Lennon, saying, laughing and joking, that the topic was me or Elton John or myself,” she began emphasizing the musician in a video that was Share it on Facebook.

The musician recalls: “It is so ugly (…) that it should be a public service. Such an assault on my creativity, my composition, my voice. I also wrote songs of solidarity with the world, against war.” . “It’s viral, people are all angry. But don’t take it the wrong way, I’m even more angry because I’m being attacked for free by people who should have a sense and want to promote themselves at the expense of other people’s brilliance.”

To Correio da Manhã, José Cid also stressed that “to tell a joke like that in time of war is wrong.” “I will sue. An apology is not enough,” the singer revealed.

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