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Josef Fritzl: – I really regret that

Josef Fritzl: – I really regret that

The horror story of Josef Fritzl, 87, shocked the entire world when it became known that he had kept his daughter Elisabeth captive for 24 years as a sex slave behind eight locked doors in a basement in Amstetten, Austria.

Fritzl raped his daughter more than 3,000 times, and together they had seven children. She was forced to carry and deliver all the babies in the basement without medical assistance. One of them, a twin, was sick, but the first let the newborn die – for fear that he himself would be exposed.

He was held in captivity for 18 years

Three of the seven children lived relatively normal lives from an early age, taking care of Fritzl’s clueless wife on the second floor.

Austria’s most hated man was not revealed until 2008, after his daughter Kerstin fell ill and required medical attention. The following year, in 2009, Fritzl was sentenced to life in prison.

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Although something was wrong

One April day in 1984, her daughter, Elizabeth, was only 18 years old – little did she know that that very day would ensure her life was turned upside down. Before luring her downstairs, her father had prepared a small apartment with a toilet and a kitchen in advance.

Elizabeth (14 years old) was raped and tortured

Elizabeth (14 years old) was raped and tortured

There, Elizabeth was kept in chains for seven months, while her father raped her day and night. Her mother and Fritzl’s wife, Rosemarie Fritzl, reportedly had no idea what was going on.

In addition, the daughter was also forced to send a letter to her mother stating that she had run away to join a religious cult.

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Caught: Josef Fritzl in police arrest photo.  Photo: police

Caught: Josef Fritzl in police arrest photo. Photo: police
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As mentioned, Elizabeth Christine’s 19-year-old daughter became seriously ill in the basement. Despite the fact that Fritzl had previously let his second child die, he finally allowed himself to be persuaded and took the girl to the hospital.

Only a few days later, Elizabeth begged her father to take her for a hospital visit. After 24 years in captivity, this was her first time in broad daylight.

That's how it goes with

That’s how it went with “The Girl in the Cellar.”

When they arrived at the hospital, the staff immediately sensed something was wrong, and managed to arrange a conversation with Elisabeth without Fritzl in the room.

Shortly thereafter, the police were called, and Fritzl, then 73, was arrested. In 2009, he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his newborn son – and for keeping his daughter as a sex slave for 24 years.

He can become a free man

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Three children were found locked in a small cellar, the youngest of whom was only five years old. None of them saw the light of day or were outside the four walls of the house.

The kids only saw a few small glimpses of “nature,” something they knew from the video movies their dad would sometimes let them watch on his travel TV.

The last cannibal victim - that's how it goes

The last cannibal victim – that’s how it goes

Although the 87-year-old has committed very serious crimes, he still claims that everything was done out of love for his daughter, to spare her alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

The world hasn’t seen much of Elizabeth since she and the children were rescued from the cellar. She also never allowed herself to be tempted by offers to come forward with her story, and to this day she hasn’t given a single interview yet.

Cellar of Horrors: This is what Elisabeth Fritzl and her children's apartment looked like.  Photo: Associated Press

Cellar of Horrors: This is what Elisabeth Fritzl and her children’s apartment looked like. Photo: Associated Press
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But when her father was brought to trial in March 2009 – on charges of murder, rape, deprivation of liberty, slavery, aggravated threats and indecent defamation – her testimony sounded.

The murder case has taken a shocking turn: - Corrupt

The murder case has taken a shocking turn: – Corrupt

When she took the witness stand, she strictly did not hold back from the details, and told everything that had happened. Fritzl eventually pleaded guilty to the charges, acknowledging the horrific conditions she and her seven children had been subjected to for more than two decades.

Soon after the trial ended, Elizabeth was given a new name and identity. She now lives with her six children in a house in a small village in the Austrian countryside, which also cannot be identified. According to the country’s media, it is only referred to as “Village X”. the sun.

Unknown identity: Daughter Elizabeth has lived under a different name and identity since the trial.  Photo: REX/NTB

Unknown identity: Daughter Elizabeth has lived under a different name and identity since the trial. Photo: REX/NTB
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As early as December 2021, it emerged that a life-sentenced person could apply for parole after serving 15 years of their sentence, according to Austrian law. This is what the newspaper wrote courier.

He killed his mother: - He regretted

He killed his mother: – He regretted

This means that Fritzl, who has changed his name to Josef Mayerhof, could shockingly become a free man in 2024 – if his application is approved.

wild claims

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Last week it became known that Fritzl, together with lawyer Astrid Wagner, had written a new book, Joseph F.’s Abyss. This was reported by many media, including the Austrian media Kronen Zeitung.

– Indeed, I am a good person, is among what Fritzl writes in the book, according to the newspaper.

The 87-year-old brags about his alleged huge career successes and dozens of sexual relations on business trips. According to the newspaper, he also describes himself as a “responsible family man”.

Fritzl claims to have children with many women around the world, including many in his home country, and Indian women. He also claims that, with an African woman, he has a son who is today a famous lawyer—something the man is very proud of, he writes in the book.

Hidden to all: Josef Fritzl's house in Amstetten, Austria.  Photo: AP

Hidden to all: Josef Fritzl’s house in Amstetten, Austria. Photo: AP
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– He has always assured me that he deeply regrets his crime, says lawyer Wagner, according to the report Crown.

It also emerges that, despite his horrific actions, Fritzl has received hundreds of encouraging letters from the women who adore him.

raises eyebrows

raises eyebrows

Not everything happened as the media portrayed it. But even though journalists called me a “monster,” countless people weren’t intimidated, he writes in the book, according to Austrian newspaper.

This claim has been confirmed by the judiciary, Kron writes.

will beat him

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Fritzl has so far spent 14 years in prison, and was most recently in Kremsstein, Austria’s safest prison for the mentally ill.

The 87-year-old also writes about life imprisonment in the new book.

– I am very popular in the establishment because I always behave in a pleasant and polite manner, he claims, according to the paper.

Hungry, raped and drugged

Hungry, raped and drugged

Although he claims that things are going well in prison, he also seems to avoid trips to the yard, because someone is waiting to beat him up.

– I was completely alone with my thoughts. There was no one I could trust to describe the arrest, which in 2008 received worldwide attention.

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Fritzl also mentions his ex-wife Rosemary, to whom he was married until 2012, in the book. according to Crown Among other things, he wrote that he did not understand why they broke off communication.

About ten years ago, he applied for a name change. Granted, it is now called Josef Mayerhof.