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Josel Oliveira and Ana Camila Esteves talk about African cinemas – USP

Both are experts in the diversity of genres and styles for different African cinemas and this year they have organized and published the book Contemporary African Cinemas: Critical Approaches by Sesc, with 40 professionals from Africa, Europe, the USA and Brazil.

By Ricardo Alexino Ferreira

USP . magazine

Diversity in Science #19: Jocel Oliveira and Ana Camila Esteves talk about African cinemas


Professor Ricardo Alexino Ferreira gave interviews to Josel Conceicao Almeida de Oliveira and Ana Camila Esteves. Josel Oliveira holds a PhD in Communication, Culture and the Arts from the Center for Research in Arts and Communication at the University of the Algarve, in Portugal, with a thesis We Need to Wear Black Light: An Author Analysis in African Cinemas, The Flora Gomez Case.

Anna Camila Esteves is a journalist, cultural producer, and researcher. She is a PhD student in Contemporary Communication and Culture at the Federal University of Bahia (Ufba) with her thesis in progress. From Africa to the World: The dilemmas of spreading African cinemas to global audiences after Netflix enters Nigeria. She is also the author and curator of the Mostra de Cinemas Africanos (www.mostradecinemasafricanos.Withand the African Film Club project.

The interviewees organized and published the book Contemporary African Cinemas: Critical Approachesby Publisher Sesc. During the interview, they commented on contemporary African cinemas.

Diversity in science

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