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Josh supports Susana Garcia and is devastated: 'You could say he came out of the closet twice'

Josh supports Susana Garcia and is devastated: ‘You could say he came out of the closet twice’

Advertisement Manuel Luis Josha Accepted to be chair of the Honor Committee, Susana Garcia’s nomination for the Amadora Chamber turns against the presenter. After the announcement, Twitter became the scene of criticism of the presenter, who over the years has given “stage” to Susana Garcia on “Você na TV”. But there are those who still remember the other guests of the TVI show. “When we see Goucha presiding over the Honor Committee of the controversial PSD candidate for the Amadora Council, Susana Garcia, we are left with at least two things for certain: Goucha is not a social democrat; The mornings on TVI were objectively a secret stage of far-right propaganda“,” reads one of the presenter’s reviews on Twitter.

After Amadora’s room, Susanna has a guaranteed place in AR in Facho’s squad. a goucha stay out doing “stellar” populism and Homophobia validation in Chega“;” Quosha has never deceived me, despite his wanderings in camouflage! “You could say Josh came out of the closet twice,” other comments say.

The news also revived Josheh’s old interview with Mario Machado, the face of the radical New Social Order party, was convicted Racial hate crimes. At the time, the presenter said that he wasn’t the one who called the interviewee: “We had a conversation with Mario Machado, Maria Serqueira Gomez and I always sought to do the contrast.”

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But now, this morning show presence relates to the invitation she accepted from her friend Susana Garcia.

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