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Joshua Bassett became seriously ill from stress and hate messages - VG

Joshua Bassett became seriously ill from stress and hate messages – VG

Actual movie: Joshua Bassett, here at the premiere of Disney’s new movie “Better Nate Than Never” in Hollywood on March 15.

Joshua Bassett, 21, says he received death threats after his alleged ex-wife, Olivia Rodrigo, 19, released the hit song “Driving License” last year. He himself ended up in the hospital.


Already last summer, Bassett spoke to GQ magazine about He was suffering from heart failure After a brief period Rodrigo’s song To the top of the charts around the world. Then he explained that the health situation was the reason for not commenting on all the rumors.

Now the Disney star is expanding into a long interview with the people He believes the illness was a direct result of stress, in part due to all the turmoil that followed the release of Rodrigo’s song.

TV COUPLE: Olivia Rodrigo and Jshua Bassett in “High School Musical: The Series” at Disney+ in 2020.

Bassett says he received a lot of hate messages and was threatened with death on social media – and that the stressful situation put him off completely.

– Every day it gets worse and worse. I slept 16-20 hours every day and couldn’t stand upright for more than 30 seconds.

Shortly thereafter, he ended up in the hospital with heart failure and septic shock. He stayed there nine days.

Reputation flood

On TikTok and other social media, people have been doing just that wildly speculate About what he believed to be Song’s painful beliefs after Rodrigo’s alleged split from Bassett. Rodrigo and Bassett, who played boyfriends on “High School Musical: The Series” at the time, did not confirm that they were friends until the alleged relationship abruptly ended.

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Bassett is said to have ditched Rodrigo in favor of another Disney actress, Sabrina Carpenter (22).

“Driving License”, in which Rodrigo sings about his girlfriend’s loss to a blond competitor, Add directly to the top On the US Billboard Hot 100, the VG list and a host of other countries. The song is the fastest ever 100 million listen to Spotify.

Triangular drama was so humor theme and “Saturday Night Live.”

Speculation didn’t diminish when Bassett performed a week after Rodrigo released his own song, “I lie, I lie, I lie.” Bassett tells People that his own song was due to be released a long time ago at the time, completely independent of Rodrygo’s song, and that it wasn’t a response to Rodrygo.

But the joy of his song shone with his absence in all the controversy.

– I literally felt my heart fail. It was clear to me that it was not just about anxiety. I realized that’s a bad thing, he told the magazine, as he graced the front page of Friday’s issue.

Bassett himself shared the front page on Instagram, thanking the magazine for a “challenging but important conversation”:

At the hospital, Bassett is said to have been diagnosed with septic shock, which according to her great medical dictionary This is a serious condition of tissue perfusion failure in a patient with sepsis.

– The doctors said that if I had taken more than 12 hours to go to the hospital, I would have died in my apartment, says the 21-year-old, who was also said to have been informed that the health condition may have arisen from stress.

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New castmates: (left) Norbert Leo Putz, Michelle Federer, Robbie Wood, Arya Brooks, Lisa Kudrow and Joshua Bassett at the “Better Nate Than Never” premiere in Hollywood on March 15.

Although he physically came to the hooks at the hospital, he was mentally stunted even after being discharged.

I was actually more depressed and stressed, says the artist and actor.

But he wrote the songs “Crisis”, “Secret” and “Let Me Free”. They were created through pain. And when all three were released in December of last year, the rumors got up to speed again.

– The following week was worse than the whole year, he said.

Since then, he has recovered with the help of therapy, meditation, and yoga.

Over the past year, many of my worst nightmares have come true. But at the same time, I found I always managed, and maybe everything was for the better, he says.

Bassett also spoke about sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence. He has also been helped to address this through therapy.

The 21-year-old is currently starring in the new Disney movie “Better Nate Than Never”. It’s still a well-kept secret no matter what truly It happened between Rodrigo, Carpenter and Bassett – and how stoda is between the latter two today.

One week after Bassett’s single was released last year, Carpenter released “The Skin,” which fans thought was Rodrygo’s direct hit. Nor has it been confirmed. Carpenter also played in several series. In addition to this, she is known as Swedish duo partner Zara Larsson in the 2020 song “Wow”.

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