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Joshua Sprestersbach: - The wrong man has been imprisoned for two years

Joshua Sprestersbach: – The wrong man has been imprisoned for two years

For more than two years, Joshua Sprestersbach was forcibly accepted after police mixed him up with another.

Now he is suing according to AP Both the state and many Honolulu police officers, lawyers, and doctors.

This is stated in the lawsuit, as the news agency wrote:

Joshua suffered significant financial and non-financial damages that were demonstrated during the trial, including coercive treatment and medication, loss of freedom, severe mental illness, severe emotional distress, anxiety, embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety and anger.

Wake up and get arrested

It all began in 2011, when Spresterspach, according to the newspaper Honolulu Star Advetiser I fell asleep on a sidewalk in Honolulu.

Homeless and hungry, he had waited too long in line for food to fall asleep.

According to the lawsuit, he was woken up by a police officer, and Sprestersbach believed he had been arrested because it was forbidden to sit and lie on city sidewalks.

The police officer is said to have thought Spresterspach was another man for whom an arrest warrant had been issued, and arrested him.

This man was wanted in connection with violating the terms of his parole after his drug conviction.

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but to no avail

Spriestersbach is said to have denied that he was the wanted man, but to no avail.

He ended up locked up in Hawaii State Hospital.

There, according to the lawsuit, he continued to assert his innocence.

However, the more he refuses to be the wanted man, the more confident the employees are according to the lawsuit that he has dangerous delusions.

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He claims to have thus been subjected to increasingly stronger medication.

On the phone: Joshua Sprestersbach speaks on the phone in Danby, Vermont in March 2020. Photo: Vedanta Griffiths/Associated Press

On the phone: Joshua Sprestersbach speaks on the phone in Danby, Vermont in March 2020. Photo: Vedanta Griffiths/Associated Press
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No one believed him even when Sprestersbach had to appear in the court of the wanted man, according to the lawsuit.

Only two years later, when the psychiatrist looked closely at the case, did the psychiatrist realize that both the police and the hospital had confused Spresterspach for the wanted man.

I found the answer on google

The psychiatrist is said to have searched Google and made several phone calls, and allegedly confirmed that Spriestersbach was telling the truth.

Further investigations showed that Sprestersbach was on a completely different island when the criminal was arrested.

Then there was a little doubt. Only then, more than two years after his arrest, was his fingerprints taken by Spriestersbach.

Fingerprints confirmed that he was not the culprit.

After being detained for two years and eight months, he was Spriestersbach in January 2020 silently printed and sent to a hostel for the homeless.

According to the lawsuit, he did not have a penny. All he had outside the mental hospital were two copies of his birth certificate and two ID cards.

Law enforcement saved her

The Hawaii Innocence Project, a group working for justice for people in Hawaii who have been murdered, has received CNN Recently in the case came out with the story of Spriestersbach.

The story made headlines around the world.

The Hawaii Innocence Project believes that the mental hospital has done everything in its power to quell this fatal error.

It’s the group that filed the lawsuit on behalf of Joshua Spresterspach.

– As of January 2020, not a single person has seen the information available that can confirm that Joshua told the truth, as stated in the lawsuit according to the state.

Go on a round of turns

The mental hospital has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

Honolulu Police says hill They are investigating.

The department is currently reviewing the department’s guidelines and procedures to determine if changes are necessary, Assistant Police Chief Rady Vanek says, and continues:

We continue to work with the authorities’ attorneys to investigate and review the allegations in the lawsuit.