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Jota: "I don't know what he thinks of Benfica, my family is happy"

Jota: “I don’t know what he thinks of Benfica, my family is happy”

The question that arises at every press conference. Is Jota planning to stay in Celtic? The Scottish club has an option clause on the Benfica wing, so the ball is in the side of the Glasgow crest. Still, John Phillip [Jota] There he goes to answer.

“I am very happy with Celtic,” he said before the match against Aberdeen and after scoring in the Europa League against Leverkusen.

“The match against Bayer was not a good night because we lost, but in my short career I think being with Celtic is the best for me at the moment. But I don’t want to stop, there is a lot I want to do.”

The Eagles loaned winger continued: “My head knows what I can do and I won’t stop until I’m where I’m supposed to. I don’t know what Benfica thinks. But obviously my family and friends are happy for me. What happened has happened and I can’t stop. I need to do more and more.”

A move to Scotland raised the bar for Jota’s match, after loaning Valladolid, if, to a major brilliance. “Success is something that can come very quickly, but it can also disappear very quickly. I just have to work hard and stay humble.”

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