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Journalist Conceição Queiroz is the target of racist insults live on TVI24

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The journalist Quiros Consiao He was insulted by a bystander, on Monday (3), on air TVI24. The broadcasts from Baixa de Lisbon were abruptly stopped.

During the afternoon of broadcasting the media program 24th sheet, the hub Rita Rodriguez She moved directly with some of the journalists who spread across the country. The goal was to report, live, first workday of the week without an emergency in a few months. After contacting the village of Resende, which declined in the final stage of the downturn due to 17 active cases of Covid-19, it was up to Conceição Queiroz to report on the environment the capital lived in.

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The journalist began by putting the scenes in context regarding the Rua do Carmo movement, then interviewing a group of Portuguese descendants from France. As the dialogue ends, Queiroz consisão addresses a man who appears somewhat sad due to the lack of clarity, affirming with certainty that “this is a lie”, Later adding some insults. From here another passerby appears, approaches the microphone, and when asked, says that Perversion has to do with every header, sentence..

The journalist thanks the contribution and leaves for someone else bystander. However, the woman who just gave an interview starts approaching the camera, talking to the photo reporter, and continues to follow Konsião Queiroz. After realizing that she would never be questioned again, the woman mentioned that the journalist “I have to go to another job, to work”, Among other crimes such as “It’s a lot of race.” e “You have no way to do this, I was born for something else.”.

“I was cold-blooded. He admits.”

The video informing about the situation was shared on social media via the page I am in my philosophies, Which focuses on the problems plaguing the black community in Portugal and around the world, and has garnered more than 77,000 views. In the accompanying text, the page highlights Queiroz consisão, An active voice in the fight against racism in Portugal, who has been the target of constant threats and insults..

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In the comments box, the journalist herself clarifies the point of tackling the topic. “It took me to the extreme! Fortunately it was recorded … to those who say we exaggerate when we explain that we encounter crazy people every day and hateful stories.”. Queiroz consisão continues and ensures: “I was cold-blooded. He admits.”thanks “To everyone by force.”

In June 2020, In a special podcast from Spread the facts Centered on the themes of racism and racial representation, Quiros Consiao e Gilherme de Souza, Journalist at TSFThey talked about their personal experiences and the challenges they faced due to the color of their skin. At that time, the journalist from TVI He urged the black community in Portugal to unite and not remain silent in the face of the attacks they are facing.

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