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Journalist Joanna Imedio Marquez accuses Manuel Alberto Valente of sexual harassment - Current

Journalist Joanna Imedio Marquez accuses Manuel Alberto Valente of sexual harassment – Current

Although some years behind North America #MeTooPortugal is finally talking about sexual harassment in areas like culture, entertainment, and more. In a written text for the magazine Saturday, Authorized The right not to be afraidAnd the Writer and journalist Joanna Imdeo Marquez Accuses Manuel Alberto Valenti, Editor in Porto Editora until 2020, to harass her in the course of a business dinner. “As he parked his high capacity car in front of DN, I bent over to say goodbye with the traditional two kisses on the cheek and began trying to kiss me on the mouth, relaxing those who had done so dozens of times. I dodged and got out of the car. I cried at home, humiliated and helpless. I cried in disgust. Almost 10 years have passed. Disgust is the same. I have not spoken to him again the many other times we have met in literary events, “this was revealed by the journalist writing today for the newspaper. Foreman.

Joanna Imdeo Marquez Agree to have dinner with Manuel Alberto Valenti In order to confirm a rumor Imminent purchase of the Assírio & Alvim stamp by the Porto Editora conglomerate, In 2012. When he was at dinner, after alleged comments and sexism, he said he realized that the director’s intentions were different, and of a sexual nature, as a means of sharing information. Later, she accepted the trip back to the newspaper and at that moment Alberto Valente tried to kiss her, as mentioned above, in an inappropriate and forced manner.

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a The editor has already reacted, Believing that the accusations are null and that he will take legal action. In the post On social networksManuel Valente classifies the author’s accusations as “extremely serious and above all wrong.” He adds, “Commenting on it, specifically on social networks, or even before civil society organizations that reproduced such publication, would be tantamount to setting fire to the arena of public justice,” he wrote. “I inform you that I have already contacted my lawyers and given explicit instructions to take legal action against the author of the post, because it is the same assault on my honor and appreciation.” The publication had supportive reactions from several personalities, from columnists to journalists, to editors to writers.

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