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Journalist Luis Maya in mourning.  "The Woman Who Raised Me Died" - News

Journalist Luis Maya in mourning. “The Woman Who Raised Me Died” – News

Luis Maya is having a particularly painful Monday, January 17th. The SIC journalist said goodbye to one of the most important people in his life, his mother.

“The woman who raised me and accompanied me in my childhood and adolescence in all the difficult moments passed on to me the values ​​that taught me the importance of respect, honesty and gratitude. It is thanks to her that I am here today. I owe him my life,” he began by declaring in a farewell message he posted on his official Instagram account.

“She is my mother,” he asserts, “but I love her like a son loves a mother.”

“Recently, I’ve been just breathing. He’s no longer moving. He doesn’t communicate. I just waited for her time. However, what will go on, and what I will keep for the rest of my days, are the memories of the wonderful moments and everything I’d rather believe you heard the words I said to you when I went to say goodbye, days before I caught my last breath.
I love you, my godmother. ends forever.

To these sentimental words, Luis Maya added a charming image in which he appeared next to this woman so important in his life.

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