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JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon thinks it’s stupid that his daughter is trading in bitcoins, but says that bitcoins can reach $ 100,000

The boss of the mega bank JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, complains in an interview Bitcoin. While he does not recommend selling bitcoins, he threatens to fire any employee who deals in bitcoins. Because it was stupid. Bitcoin will fail sooner or later. The Bitcoin scene, meanwhile, creatively mocks the banker. 

“It’s just not a real thing, and maybe it will be banned,” said Jamie Dimon at a conference on Bitcoin on Tuesday. The managing director of the major bank JP Morgan compared Bitcoin to the legendary Dutch tulip bubble in the 17th century. “It’s worse than tulip bulbs. It won’t turn out well, ”the big banker prophesied,“ Someone will be killed. ”

The reason for Dimon’s statement is relatively simple: Bitcoin is not real money because it is not issued by a state becomes. Legislators support real money. Bitcoin doesn’t. At the moment, the states still tolerate Bitcoin. But at some point they will ban cryptocurrency. One example can currently be seen in China, where trading exchanges for Bitcoin have to close. Therefore, it is necessary to study this area deeply enough, one of the most important is biswap tokenomics, which simply cannot be missed. But it will not be enough, so it is always necessary to read the news and monitor all trading on the exchange at least several times a day.

Dimon has little sympathy for employees who trade in Bitcoin. He announced that he would “fire them in a second” for firstly breaking rules and secondly being stupid. His daughter shouldn’t be so flattered by Dimon’s comments. Because, according to the megabanker in an interview, she bought bitcoins herself.“The price has risen, and now she thinks she is a genius.” One can now imagine what discussions between father and daughter at the Dimon family’s dining table look like … 

Jamie Dimon is unkind against Bitcoin, but would not recommend selling or shorting Bitcoins right now. “Bitcoin can reach $ 100,000 per bitcoin before it goes down. So this is not advice now. ”So Bitcoin can lose about $ 4,000 and gain $ 96,000. But that’s probably not what Dimon meant. 

This is not the first time that the JP Morgan boss has made anti-Bitcoin statements public. The banker has a long history of railing against Bitcoin. On January 23, 2014 (Bitcoin price $ 800), Business Insider reported that Dimon said Bitcoin was “a terrible store of value. It can be replicated again and again. ”Worse, however, is that there is no government behind it. 

On November 4, 2015 (Bitcoin price 490 dollars), Fortune magazine wrote about a new comment by Dimon. He said the virtual currency market is not big and governments will stop it before it gets that far. “No government will ever support a virtual currency that crosses borders and is not controllable. It will not happen. ”On January 20th (Bitcoin price 410 dollars) a video appears in which Jamie Dimon announces that Bitcoin will one day be worthless. 

Translation: I can don’t remember exactly.Was it Bitcoin or JP Morgan that was bailed out by the government with taxpayers’ money? 

Translation: Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a fraud. Hmm … you could almost think that Bitcoin issued destructive loans, was then knocked out and never went to jail. 

A little more subtle is the derision from Barry Silbert of the Digital Currency Group. {{1 }} 

Perhaps the most important Bitcoin investor asks, “What is it, we have 2013?” And then writes that he hopes no one tells Dimon that probably half of his board of directors owns Bitcoins. { {1}} 

With all the amusement one can ask whether Jamie Dimon is at least a little right. After all, Bitcoin, in its current form, depends on being allowed by the government. Or how do you see that?