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judicial intervention.  What does belief in science mean in the time of Covid?

judicial intervention. What does belief in science mean in the time of Covid?

Corona Virus

In an article that appeared in fact Dated August 9, 2021 entitled “But even the hard-liners show that the card is not necessary,” journalist Francesco Borgonovo reported the statements of several virologists, noting that these same scientists, whom he described as “student restrictions”, in fact, I do not believe in the sanitary efficiency of the corridor . “the green”.

But we will not make any comments about it, but about the testimony of Massimo Clemente (to change it is a virologist), I mentioned Passing through At the end of the article, he said, “Children believe in science and can detach from their parents’ culture when they have different ideas.” In this sense, Borgonovo sparkles with reason: “Do you understand? He welcomes the fact that there are divisions in families around the vaccine, where young people obey the state while ignoring their parents.

But there is still a lot. Is the brilliant virologist really sure that youngsters rushing to get the vaccine believe in science, as opposed to 60-year-olds among whom are very few hooligans and skeptics? Or rather, do young people do this so as not to be excluded from the social life produced by the absence of the so-called green corridor? Is this not the opposite of what Dr. Clemente says, namely, the most mature people who believed and still believe, despite everything, in the technical and scientific reason? But her faith, so to speak, has grown warmer, he is no longer as alive and indisputable as before, especially after the great advances in Sevesu, Bhopal, Chernobyl, Fukushima, the plastic islands of the oceans and the crazy weather.

And then. What does belief in science mean? Is this not an unfairness to the prejudice of the world? It is not, as environmental philosopher Rotilio Sermonti points out, “the proud conviction that the human mind Mayo Embrace all reality and manipulate it as you wish, and accept its principle for man He everyone cool, as long as succeed do it”? In short, isn’t the bias denied by the facts that only science can save man?

After all, who really knows what a scientific method is, which is based on the constant review of its postulates and results, cannot claim to believe in science. Science has nothing to say about great human causes. The Spanish philosopher Ortega and Gasset noted that “man escapes from his material mind like water from a basket.” This is the real reason why faith in science has fluctuated since the 1930s, and today it has changed from a living faith, a living perspective and thinking (as it was from the beginning of the modern world in the seventeenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century). century), to a lazy faith, with habit, with a faith that is still weary due to a new biological perspective that has not yet established itself in the world.

Young people may still believe in the scientific-technical mind, but weak faith is faith in its uses. It is not a fact, but a matter of utility. If they have a true faith in science, as in the Middle Ages, religious faith drove the “crazy” project the Crusades were, young people should immediately heed the concern of IPCC scientists in the latest climate report put forward On the streets – the overthrow of all governments in the world that are still looking for economic growth.